Friday, 19 July 2019

Water overdose


You may think water is the healthiest thing on earth, and there is no upper limit when it comes to consuming it. Unfortunately, that's not true. There is such a thing as drinking too much water. In 2007 a woman drank six litres in three hours for a contest. She then threw up and died hours later. Source: BuzzFeed

So why don't you have a boyfriend?

So why don't you have a boyfriend?

"Put your glasses on, Lisa"

"Put your glasses on, Lisa"

Barber : What kinda cut you want?

Barber : What kinda cut you want?

"Welcome to Fucking."

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When you in public with your girl and she grabs your ass.

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A Crazy Hospital.

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​He ate his teacher's wedding ring


This boy was a real master thief. When he was five he saw a perfect opportunity to steal his teacher's wedding ring. She had put it on the table when she went to wash her hands. Seeing the opportunity, the boy took her ring and ate it. The teacher freaked out, interrogated every child, and went through their pockets. Of course, she couldn't find it...
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​He broke up with her because she didn't like coffee as much as he did


Not all relationships last. Sometimes one cheats another or people grow apart. But some people dump their lovers for far more trivial stuff. This guy broke up with his girlfriend because she didn't like coffee as much as he did, she didn't want to hang out with his ex, and she didn't like rap. According to the guy, these were the things that made t...
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​Dinosaurs are still alive, but they are hiding from us


She went on a date with a dentist. The dinner didn't go that well. He was talking a lot about gross mouths he had worked on. Later it turned out he was also religious. The girl was happy hoping they can finally change the topic- she had also gone to a Catholic school. That hope dissolved when he stated that dinosaurs are still alive, but they were ...
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