Friday, 19 July 2019

When Life is full of Ups & Downs.

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When marketing goes wrong...

When marketing goes wrong...

"The difference between generations."

"The difference between generations."

Today's Corporate World!

Today's Corporate World!

​Don't go to his house for a first date


It should go without saying that it's not safe to go to a stranger's house for a first date. Of course, you can have a great time, but it can also turn out weird. Her Tinder date invited her to a barbecue at his house. It would have been fun if only he wouldn't have gotten high and started to run around the backyard naked. Source: BuzzFee...
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​Licking is new kissing?


If someone starts licking your face, it's better to run. This girl didn't know it. She met him online, and they went for a walk. Once they stopped to admire the scenery, he started to lick her face. The girl just froze but didn't leave. It happened again. Finally, they sat on the bench. While the girl was planning her escape, she heard a strange no...
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​He woke up three states away


Be aware where you jump when you're drunk. This guy had a great night out with his friends. He got so drunk that he decided to jump to a random pick up truck. Soon he passed out. When he woke up, he got yelled at by the owner who was on a road trip. Turned out they were three states away from his home. Source: BuzzFeed

Sometimes you have to appear like childrens to be able to control them...

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When you trying to stand on your own feet after late night party.....

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"Siamese Twins"

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Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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