Thursday, 02 April 2020

Mum hits back after she’s branded ‘sick’ by trolls for breastfeeding son, three, on shop floor during anxiety attack

Sarah Mills, 33, has hit back against trolls who branded her "sick", "disgusting" and a "paedophile" because they felt her little boy Morrison was "to...
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My boyfriend kept me prisoner for hours and smothered me with a pillow…I built a panic room so it’ll never happen again

Diane Morris, 50, was beaten by Roger Collins and smothered with a pillow, leaving her so scared she was forced to pee in a salad bowl.   Diane Morris...
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Being fussy eaters shows cuttlefish have big brains

Just as a human might eat less for dinner if they know dessert is on the menu, scientists say cuttlefish also prioritise their food. The marine creatu...
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Longer winter or early spring? Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil's prediction

Punxsutawney Phil
He's an animal that gained worldwide fame by featuring in the 1993 Hollywood film Groundhog Day. Now it that's time again when Punxsutawney Phil in Pe...
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Can you pull a tyre off a crocodile's neck?

A crocodile with a used motorcycle tyre around its neck in Palu, Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia
Indonesian authorities are offering a reward to anyone that is able to free a crocodile which has a tyre stuck around its neck. The 13-foot-long croco...
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Love Island sex positions explained – including the Mermaid, Candle, Butter Churner and Turtle

There's some new one's to add to the Karmasutra and we have them all explained for you so you don't have to delete your search history... Mermaid For ...
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Police drop off Big Mac meal after delivery driver's car is seized

Officers pulled over the car on Tuesday. Pic: Nottinghamshire Police
A McDonald's takeaway was delivered to a customer by the police after the courier's car was seized. Officers pulled over the vehicle in Gedling, Notti...
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'Extremely obese' owl sheds some pounds after being too fat to fly

The owl was deemed 'too fat to fly'. Pic: Suffolk Owl Sanctuary
When an owl was saved from a ditch in Suffolk, rescuers were worried that she was too injured to fly. But according to the sanctuary that took her in,...
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Police dog sniffs out wedding ring thrown away after marital row

PD Odin and handler Carl Woodall (1).
A police dog sniffed out a lost wedding ring after its owner threw it away following a row with his wife. PD Odin, a six-year-old German shepherd, cam...
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The Queen has a secret Facebook account but no one outside the palace knows how many ‘friends’ she has

Her Majesty is said to have her own personal account on Facebook, as well as a highly-protected phone and iPad.  According to the Daily Mail , “The Qu...
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