Thursday, 20 June 2019

​Don't go to his house for a first date


It should go without saying that it's not safe to go to a stranger's house for a first date. Of course, you can have a great time, but it can also turn out weird. Her Tinder date invited her to a barbecue at his house. It would have been fun if only he wouldn't have gotten high and started to run around the backyard naked. Source: BuzzFee...
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​Licking is new kissing?


If someone starts licking your face, it's better to run. This girl didn't know it. She met him online, and they went for a walk. Once they stopped to admire the scenery, he started to lick her face. The girl just froze but didn't leave. It happened again. Finally, they sat on the bench. While the girl was planning her escape, she heard a strange no...
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​He woke up three states away


Be aware where you jump when you're drunk. This guy had a great night out with his friends. He got so drunk that he decided to jump to a random pick up truck. Soon he passed out. When he woke up, he got yelled at by the owner who was on a road trip. Turned out they were three states away from his home. Source: BuzzFeed

My cat will tell me if I should date you


This girl went to a coffee date with a guy who told her that he'd broken up with his ex because she asked to sleep without his cats in bed. His cats were first, so the ex-girlfriend had to go. After coffee, they went to his place for a dinner where he announced that his cat would let him know if he could date her or not. Source: BuzzFeed

​Marshmallow fight gone wrong


She was shopping and saw marshmallow guns that shoot out mini marshmallows at the store. She got a great idea to have a marshmallow fight with her crush later that evening. It felt like a cute and funny thing to shoot a marshmallow at him at the moment he came to pick her up. Accidentally she shut straight into his eyeball. Source: BuzzFeed

​Naked customer


For many people being naked in public is the ultimate nightmare. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. This guy was blackout drunk and locked himself out of his hotel room, naked. There was nothing to do, he had to walk down the stairs to ask another key. The concierge just looked at him, gave him a key and a towel. Source: BuzzFeed

​The easiest way to get a promotion


As they say, it's important to be in the right place at the right time. This girl was definitely lucky. In her office Christmas party, her boss got so drunk that he puked all over her dress. She told him the next day what had happened. Her boss was very sorry and asked if a promotion would help. Source: BuzzFeed

​She puked in her purse


She was young and broke all the time, so she didn't think twice when her manager bought lots of shots. She took as many as she could. She knew she was going to throw up, so she took a cab. She was almost home when she felt that she was going to puke, and there was no time to pull over. She opened her purse and threw up in there. Source: BuzzFeed

It's hard to cheat in peace


This girl worked in a steak house. All of a sudden, an older man came in with a younger lady. The man looked familiar. Then another couple came in. This time the lady looked familiar. After a half an hour she heard screaming. Turned out the older guy and the lady were married and both cheating each other. Now she remembered where she knew them...
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You shouldn't give a stranger your best friend's number


Best friends are the greatest, and you should keep them not annoy them. This girl was stuck in a club with a very annoying guy who asked her number. Finally, she gave her what she thought was a random number. The next morning she woke up with a bunch of angry texts from her best friend. Turned out she had given her best friend's number to that anno...
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