Tuesday, 07 April 2020

​Diane Keaton hasn't dated anyone in 35 years


Thinking you're the last single on the planet with the most disastrous love life? Think again. 73-year-old actress Diane Keaton hasn't dated anyone in 35 years. She suspects that she is the only one from her generation who has been single all her life. It doesn't mean she has never dated anyone. No, in fact, she has dated quite many famous men like...
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​He admitted being a paedophile


It seems texting is easier than talking face to face, but it's so easy to fuck up a nice conversation by accidentally sending something you didn't intend to. This guy made a terrible mistake. He was getting to know a girl. Both of them loved One Direction, so they often sent a lot of links to various fandom things they saw on Tumblr. Of course, the...
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​He dated another girl on a romantic holiday they went together


Some guys seem to have no idea about a proper breakup etiquette. This guy took his girlfriend on a romantic Pacific island cruise for her birthday. But he invited also all his mates along. And, to make matters even worse, refused to have any time away from the boys. She left him to it and went to do her own thing. One night she saw him on a romanti...
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​She moved to another country to break up


Their long-distance relationship had already lasted for a couple of years. Finally, he asked her to move in with him. His girlfriend was so happy. She had to arrange a lot of things to start life in a different country. First, she found a great teaching job, then she spent about a month finding them a place to live. She sold and gave away all her f...
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​After seven years he realised they weren't right for each other


The seventh year is a breaking point in a relationship. If you survive it, you'll stay together. But that's just a superstition, you may think. Well, is it? This couple had been together for seven years, and their relationship was quite serious. The girl was ready to propose. Her boyfriend loved hiking, so they went for a hike and walked all t...
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Embarrassing phone moment


Weddings can be hectic, and it's hard to remember every single thing, but you better remember to turn off your phone if you don't want to end up in the centre of attention. When this girl's sister got married, she had to hold her phone. Her dress didn't have pockets, so she just put it down her bra. But oops, thinking about where to put it made her...
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​They pretended to be still together on Valentines Day


She drove her pickup truck to her boyfriend's home for Valentines Day. Unfortunately, they started arguing and broke up. The girl sensed there was someone else in the picture. She packed her things and stormed out. But her truck was frozen and didn't start. So she had to spend the night in his boyfriend's place. He lived with parents so the next mo...
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​She shared a lollipop with a dog


This guy's girlfriend loved her dog so much that she shared a lollipop with her dog. And no, she didn't just give her the end of her lollipop. She'd suck on it for a while then she'd hold it out for the dog to have few licks, then she put it back to her mouth. And then she repeated it all. When he asked her about it, she said that dogs' mouths are ...
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Best man had sex with the bride


Wedding is the most important event in couples' lives.  It's usually full of positive emotions, the bride is shedding a tear, the groom looking all serious thinking about his life ahead with his one and only, guests are dreaming about their big day ahead. But for some people, it has a completely different meaning. They see their wedding day as...
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​She needed to have sex with hotter people


Going on a road trip with your lover- what can be more romantic?That couple had been together for just a year but lived together already six months. They had just moved to a new city 2000 miles away from home. It was a new and exciting beginning for them. Then they went on a road trip. In the middle of the road trip, the girlfriend had a confession...
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