Tuesday, 25 February 2020

​It'd be funny to run over a homeless man


He was academic, hygienic and sweet, treated waiters nicely, spoke formally but was still funny. They had lots of stuff in common. The girl was really impressed and happy with their first date. But things kind of started to go down after that. When he was driving her home, there was a homeless man crossing the street at a stop light. The guy pointe...
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​She didn't want him in the toilet when she was taking a shit


We all need some privacy, but as it turns out, we all have different boundaries, and some of us seem to have no boundaries at all. This girl was just taking a dump in the toilet when she heard her boyfriend jiggling the door handle. The toilet door was locked obviously, and the girl had no intention to unlock it before she was done. But the boyfrie...
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​Nicki Minaj is going to perform in Saudi Arabia


The news that a Nicki Minaj is going to be the headliner of a music festival in Saudi Arabia is shaking the world. Saudi Arabia is better known for covering their women from head to toe and, until recently, not letting women even to drive. All of a sudden they're inviting a rapper to perform whose revealing costumes leave little for the i...
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Gorilla accused of swallowing $22 000


In Nigeria, $22 000 worth of cash went missing from the office of Kano Zoological Gardens. According to a worker in the zoo finance department, it was a gorilla who sneaked into the office, took the money, and swallowed it. Later the investigation showed that gorilla didn't do it. There was even no gorilla in that zoo. The money was taken by armed ...
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How is our brother? He passed away peacefully


Always double check who you send the message especially if it's about death or you may scare someone to death as well. This guy wrote a text: "He passed away early this morning. It was sudden, the doctors say it was in his sleep and peaceful." It was about a friend's dad who had died. He had intended to send it to his wife. Instead, he accidentally...
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​Fan blew the cocaine into his face


We all have done embarrassing things or things we wish we wouldn't have done, but it's not the smartest idea to lie to your doctor since he will probably find it out anyway. This patient went to a doctor complaining of chest pains. He was afraid he had a heart attack, but the doctor ran tests and told to the patient that it was probably a result of...
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​He was having sex with his half-sister


Cheating is terrible and never okay, but some people can turn even that situation worse. That's exactly what happened to that poor girl whose boyfriend was cheating her with his own relative. He was asking his girlfriend to join their family vacation. Everyone was relaxing in a hotel when she stepped into a bathroom and discovered his boyfrien...
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​Parents called their son Google


Ella Karin and Andi Cahya Saputra were considering to call their son Albar Dirgantra Putra first. But when the boy was born, something in his father's heart said that this name is not suitable for his son. Finally, he decided to call him Google. There were also other technology-inspired names that Andi was considering, like Windows, iPhone, Microso...
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​Jewish and neo-Nazi went on a date


This girl was Jewish. Her grandfather survived the Holocaust. He met a nice guy, but they never talked much about politics or religion. Obviously, it's not the best topic for a first date anyway. On a second date, it turned out though that he was on a path to become a neo-Nazi. Now it was the girl's turn to admit that she was Jewish and politically...
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When 19-year-old acts like a three-year-old


This girl was 18 when she was dating a 19-year-old guy. He seemed totally normal until they met at his house before a date and his mum asked him to take the garbage out before they left. It sounds like a reasonable thing to ask from a grown-up man. Apparently, it was too much for him. He threw a fit that would embarrass a three-year-old including c...
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