Tuesday, 25 February 2020

​She locked herself out of the apartment, practically naked


This boy hurried home after sex. The girl opened the door wearing only her underpants and tank top. As soon as the door opened, her cat ran outside. She ran after the cat letting the door close and lock after her. She yelled after the boy, but he was already gone. So she stood there half naked in the snow holding her cat. Source: BuzzFeed

Boys have feelings too


She liked a guy in her math class. He came over, things escalated, and soon they were half naked on the bed. All of a sudden the boy said he couldn't go any further because he was still in love with his ex. They ended up calling his ex so that he could tell her how he felt. He got back together with his ex during that phone call. Source: BuzzFeed

​She climbed down from his second-floor window


She was 18 when she met a super cute guy in his late twenties. They were having sex in his bedroom when they heard some noise. He stopped everything, and whispered terrified: "My mum is back! You have to hide!" The girl was puzzled, but the boy was serious. She had to hide under the bed and climb down from his second-floor window because his mother...
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​What is student life really like


This girl spent a night with a senior boy. The next morning it was so hot that she had to take off her winter coat and walk out in her body-con dress and last night's smeared makeup. Happens in every student down. But on this campus, there was organised a special day for new students and their parents. They all got to witness her walk of shame. Sou...
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​Feedback you don't need to hear


Geeky guys can be cute but only until they start to criticise your performance. This girl was hooking up with a guy her first year at college. At the end, when she was putting her clothes on, he looked at her and said: "OK, so notes…" What came next were notes and constructive criticism on their encounter as if it was a theatre rehearsal. Source: B...
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​It was too dark to see who he had sex with


She pulled the blanket over her head and tried hard not to hear what was going on. Yes, her roommate was having sex. Luckily the couple tried to be quiet. After they had finished, he went to the toilet and then accidentally climbed into her bed for round two. She yelled that she was not her. He said: "Shush, you'll wake up your roommate!" Sour...
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​She peed in the litter box


Shared bathrooms are annoying. They are always occupied when you need them, and for some reason, others always take forever to take a shower just when you're in a real hurry. This girl had a real emergency. Her roommate came home wasted with a guy, and they spent so long having sex in their shower that she had to pee in the litter box. Source: Buzz...
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​She had no idea where she had ended up


Most people assume that a concert in a punk bar will include moshing and loud music. This lady in a bomber jacket and tu-tu had apparently never heard about it. Straight after entering she made a beeline to the manager complaining that people moshing made her unsafe. For the rest of the concert, she sat at the end of the bar covering her ears. Sour...
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​When you have to help a stranger to get her tampon out


This girl lived with two boys during her sophomore year. One night one of the roommates had very drunken sex with a girl none of them knew. When they were finished, the roommate came out and said that the girl needed help with something. Turned out she was on her period and didn't remove her tampon before having sex. She helped her to get it out. S...
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​Please stop masturbating in the bathroom


The e-mails you get during your university time can be so much more entertaining than the ones you receive later in life. Jody remembered how once the entire dorm got an email that read: "Male students, please stop masturbating in the shower. Our community shower drains are being clogged with semen and hair at the detriment to our plumbing." Source...
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