Tuesday, 25 February 2020

She needed coffee for her medical condition


Coffee addiction is real. Many people claim they cannot wake up without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This lady contacted the customer service of a travel website because her 4* hotel didn't have a coffee pot. She said she couldn't stay somewhere without a coffee pot because of a medical condition. Source: Reddit

​A stranger asked him to wash his back


A golf club held a tournament, and it meant that the club was open to other golf club members as well. This golf club worker remembered how a customer asked whiskey with coke. When he was done, he asked the worker to accompany him to the showers. He showed him where were the showers. Then the man asked if he could wash his back for him. The worker&...
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​McDonald's is closed- what will we eat now?


You'd think McDonald's is a nice treat every now and then. Well, not for everyone. There are a bunch of people who cannot imagine their daily lives without a Big Mac. This McDonald's worker remembers how she was walking to a shop next to her workplace on Christmas day when she was confronted by six angry regulars who were demanding why McDonald's w...
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​What will happen if you don't pay attention


Meetings and conference calls can be major time wasters. So no wonder that people don't really pay attention. This guy, for example, was playing chess during the conference call. Accidentally he made a stupid move and muttered: "Ugh, moron". Suddenly he could hear people laughing followed by "I absolutely agree but unfortunately we can't let them k...
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​He got hired while sitting on a toilet


For some really dumb reason, this guy decided to pick up his phone while taking a dump. On the other end, there was an HR manager of a pharmaceutical company. Apparently, he got hired. The only bad thing was that he had to pinch himself and hold for almost 30 minutes to make sure there was no background sound. Source: Reddit

​She accidentally turned on her camera while breastfeeding


You should always be extra careful while taking work phone calls. This mum was taking a call while breastfeeding and accidentally turned on her camera. It was a call with her boss and the boss of her boss. All of that would have been even more embarrassing if the bosses had been men. Luckily, they were also mums, and everyone just had a good laugh....
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​Woman who married herself ended up cheating herself


Even if you let the whole world know that you're happy to be alone, a special someone can enter your life. Sophie Tanner got married to herself in 2015 but broke her marriage wows two years later with a man called Ruari Barratt. They dated for five months after what Ruari Barratt decided to marry himself as well. Source: Mirror

​Parents forgot their child in a shopping cart


Sometimes we all walk around our heads in the clouds and forget our stuff. In this case, the parents forgot their 2-year old child. They came to store with all their six kids but accidentally left one in a shopping cart and drove away. Poor thing was out there in a dark and rain at least 15 minutes before someone noticed him. Source: Reddit

​Are you sure you want your child to swim in puke?


No one likes to hear that their swim class is postponed, but sometimes there is a fairly good reason for it. This time a child threw up in a pool. Health code requires the closure of the pool after someone is puked in. And that's exactly what the pool supervisor did. Apparently, that decision made multiple parents mad. Source: Reddit

His client saw his underwear


One of the perks of working at home is that you can wear your pyjamas all day. For a Skype call, you should make sure you wear a shirt at least. No one cares if you sit there with only boxers on. This guy put a shirt on for a Skype call but didn't wear trousers. Everything went well until he had to stand up to get his phone. Source: Reddit
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