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When Bae Realizes They’re Psycho

When Bae Realizes They’re Psycho
In relationships, there’s always some one more crazy than the the other. The moment that your gf or bf realizes this universal truth is priceless. So ...
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Couples Share the One Position They Will NEVER Try Again and Why

Couples Share the One Position They Will NEVER Try Again and Why
Sex positions can be a tricky situation. There are those that are pretty doable by even the most unexperienced person, and then, there are the positio...
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The Dos and Don’ts of a One-Night Stand

The Dos and Don’ts of a One-Night Stand
woman's hands holding phone
Have you ever had a night out with your girls and wanted to take a guy home later for some real action? Well, I haven’t. But that’s only because I’m n...
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People Tell What It’s Like Losing Their Virginity at a Late Age

People Tell What It’s Like Losing Their Virginity at a Late Age
Sex GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Do you remember how old you were when you lost your virginity? I went to an all-girl private school and remember being one of the only girls at my hig...
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Thinking About a Threesome? Here’s What Happens After!

Thinking About a Threesome? Here’s What Happens After!
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Inviting another person into the bedroom can be an exciting way to spice up a relationship. With our culture is opening up to different types of love ...
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Guys Describe What Made Their Best BJs So Incredible

Guys Describe What Made Their Best BJs So Incredible

Blow jobs, giving head, going down—whatever you call it, it’s what guys thrive off of. But not all men are the same; Each man likes their BJ a different way. Some like them nice and slow, some like them hard and fast, and some just like that sloppy top.

A few guys gathered in a Reddit forum to give their take on the best blowjobs they’ve ever had. From the first time to the 145th time, these guys describe their best blowjob ever and what made it so amazing:

Woman biting lips holding banana

CREDIT: Credit: oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

The First One

My very first one at age 18. The girl and I were making out in her parents kitchen and she just dropped to her knees, pulled out my aching cock and plunged it into her eager, wet mouth. No words, no hint she was going to do that at all. One moment her lips were on mine and then they were on my cock. I felt a tingling sensation from the base of my balls all the way to the top of my head for about 2 minutes before I came so hard I nearly blacked out. I think it was her absolute need to have me in her mouth that made it so amazing – her sheer wanton pleasure in taking me so completely. I have never had a blow job as good as that very first one. (DMT1984)

The Multi-Tasking Girlfriend

Just the other day my girlfriend was going down on me and had taken her shirt and bra off and was pleasuring me in the typical awesome way and she brought herself up so her breasts were on me and she just let me go at them for a while and whenever I would slow down she’d move back down and keep going with her mouth. She repeated this a few times and told me I could finish however I wanted. Obviously swallowing is great, but it gets me beyond hot and bothered when she lets me finish on her, so she let me take advantage of that and I loved it. That and probably the third one she ever gave me are tied for best. (badguyfedora )

The Barcelonian Hooker

Sexy woman sipping cocktail at bar

CREDIT: Credit: Olinchuk/Shutterstock

Probably not what everyone is looking for, but…

Spent three months in Barcelona in 2003. Went to a bar called “Kiss Me.” It’s a hooker bar, and it goes like this: hot girl in lingerie comes up, asks for a drink. I buy her a drink, she drinks it slowly while rubbing my cock through my jeans. Just as she’s about to finish, she unzips me and takes my cock out and strokes it, then asks if I want to buy her another. Of course I do, and she strokes me through that drink. Right before she finishes, she bends down and takes my cock in her mouth, sucks it for a few seconds, then asks if I want to buy her another drink. Of course I do (these are €30 a pop) and she spends the next while sucking me bareback, lets me cum in her mouth, spits in on the floor, and we’re done.

Can’t say why it was the best…combo of buildup and illicitness, I guess. (batnastard)

Best. Moment. Ever.

woman trying to undress man's boxers

CREDIT: oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

OK, maybe not the best overall blowjob, but the best moment in blowjob or sex overall I ever had:

This wild girl and me were having regular (awesome) sex. That one time I was lying on my back on the bed, and she was on all fours, kind of sideways from me, blowing me.

She was in a great rhythm, and it felt reeeeeeaaally good. For reasons I can’t comprehend in hindsight, I made motions to get up and get her to stop.

Without taking me out of her mouth, she gave me this ANGRY look, made an angry uuuhuuuh sound, and pushed my chest down into the pillow, and continued sucking.

I literally started seeing stars and black spots just from how hot that 5 second moment was. (zatic)

The In-Charge Girl

Honest best thing for me is s chick that doesn’t need to be asked and then just grabs a handful and goes to town. Fallows my reactions. I moan more she does that more. Enthusiasm does a major role. If I can tell she’s not into it. I’m not either. Also tongue rings drive me nuts. So that’s always a plus. (Onlyinmurica)

The Amazing Switch Up

Enthusiasm is great but the girl that took the title of the best went a step further. She was getting off on it as much as I was or at least she fooled me that she was.

She took command. There was a slight aggression to it. It’s like she had a game plan. I didnt have to even ask. she undid my belt and pulled my d*ck out. She switched up the techniques; There was saliva, there was deepthroating, used her hand off and on, gave balls and taint attention—it was pretty f*cking amazing.

The Virgin

woman rubbing banana on her lips

CREDIT: Credit: Fresh Stock/Shutterstock

I was dating a girl who was self-conscious about being a virgin at 24. Not just a virgin, but a never-been-kissed, never touched-a-penis virgin This didn’t bother me at all. Once she realized that, she admitted that even though she had never given head before, she had read A LOT about it and thought she might be quite good at it.

It was funny at first the way she held my cock, realizing what all the fuss was about, I suppose. She felt her way around it all, including the twins, and I got crazy turned on with anticipation. She started slowly and asked me to tell her what I liked. I thought I was going to have to guide her, but she ended up giving me the greatest head of my life. She began apprehensive and sweet with some light tongue tricks, but the more she went, the sloppier she got. She hummed as she worked and it sent shivers down my spine. Once in a while she’d look up at me with those “I know exactly what I’m doing to you right now…and I love it” eyes and smirk. She’d tell me how much she loved it and demanded I pull her hair while she worked…I obeyed immediately. In that moment, she was supremely confident and I found that incredibly sexy. She read my moans and body movement, keeping with the things that made my back arch and my handful of her hair get tighter.

Eventually I gave her the “I’m going to cum if you keep doing that” warning and I could feel her smile. It wasn’t until moment before release that I realized she wasn’t going to pull her mouth away. This caught me by surprise, and as I began to cum, she grabbed my ass and held on solely by the suction of her lips. After I finished convulsing on the bed, she calmly (and unexpectedely) swallowed my load, looked me in the eye and said: “Holy sh*t, you taste amazing!” I couldn’t move or speak for about 10 minutes.

Anyone can put their mouth around a cock and move their head or tongue. It’s the confidence in what you’re doing, and willingness to show you love doing it that really take things to another level. (Never_Seen_An_Ocelot )

The Inexperienced College Girl

closeup of woman sucking on lollipop

CREDIT: Credit: Irina Bg/Shutterstock

I was with a virgin girl, last December, and we were just chilling in my dorm bed. We had fooled around a bit before, and very quickly I was kissing her neck and rubbing her thigh, before getting her out of her shirt, biting and grabbing at her tits while I started fingering her. A few minutes and couple of fingers later she’s biting her lip to stay quite and bucking her hips against my fingers as I whisper in her ear how sexy it is when she cums.

Ended up laying on my back and holding her while kissing her forehead afterwards, and told her that “she owed me one.”

Next thing I know this inexperienced girl is kissing down my stomach, pulling my cock through the hole of my boxers, and kissing and licking at it, before pursing her lips, jacking it off, and moving her mouth up and down while I groan and hump her face.

When I said I was coming she wrapped her lips around the head, sucked lightly, and jerked me off until I finished in her mouth.

Got probably three or four more blowjobs from this girl. They were f*cking perfect. ([deleted])

The Random Sales Girl

Woman licking banana

CREDIT: Credit: Fisher Photostudio/Shutterstock

I never tell this story because it sounds made up. Only 2 people have heard this before now:

A girl came to my door selling some kind of cleaner. One of those big campaigns that recruit college students and stuff. She was nice and I let her in and she gave her sales pitch. I decided to buy a bottle of the stuff because it worked well and I felt like helping her out. Even after I agreed to buy some she kept on showing me other ways that it could be used. She eventually mentioned using it for “little stains on the front of your underwear.” I just thought that was really awkward and a weird thing to say. She asked if she could show me and I said ok. Naive 19-year-old me said “OK” with no clear idea of where this was going. She asked me to stand up and got on her knees in front of me, unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and then proceeded to literally clean the front of my boxers while I was wearing them. Of course I got hard and poked through the slit in the boxers so it was just waving in her face. And then I f*cking apologized. Yeah, thats how dumb I was.

Still didn’t get it that she was wanting that to happen. She said it was alright and that she liked it. Then after another minute of awkward silence she just wrapped her lips around it and went to town. And it was amazing. Hands down the most amazing head I’ve ever received. I’m sure part of it was just the randomness and surprise of it, but mostly it was just pure talent on her part. I finished quickly, no more than 3 minutes and she just kept going till the spasms ended. Then she asked if she could use the restroom to clean up. She spent a couple minutes doing that and when she came out she apologized to me, saying she just couldn’t help herself. But it was clear she was quite pleased and there was no shame at all. I told her that I really enjoyed it and she kissed me really hard and passionately. Then she asked if she could “kiss it goodbye.” I said “sure,” and of course, she just sucked it again. Not long enough for me to cum again, but it still felt incredible. Then she thanked me again and left. I had already forgotten her name before she ever started because she only said it when I first answered the door and of course I never saw her again. And that’s the end of it. (skeletorsleftlung)

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According to Science, the Average Size of a Male’s Junk Is…

According to Science, the Average Size of a Male’s Junk Is…
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It’s no secret that guys fret over the sizes of their peens. With the way society has been set up, larger ones have ruled the schlong world. If you’re...
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Guys Describe What It Feels Like Inside of a Woman’s V

Guys Describe What It Feels Like Inside of a Woman’s V
Credit: gpointstudio/Shutterstock
Okay, don’t judge me, but there have been more times than a few that I’ve wondered what it feels like to be inside of a woman. Ladies, don’t act like ...
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In the Bedroom, Relationships, and More: Men Tell Women the Secrets They Wish We Knew

In the Bedroom, Relationships, and More: Men Tell Women the Secrets They Wish We Knew
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Every so often the straight women of Reddit ask their male counterparts what “men wish women knew” about them. The answers range from actually kind-of...
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6 Things She Wishes You Knew About Her Playing With Her Ta-Tas

6 Things She Wishes You Knew About Her Playing With Her Ta-Tas
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Oh, breasts. As women, we love them one minute and hate them the next. But one thing that may always remain the same is how they are treated in the be...
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