Monday, 18 November 2019

The conjuring prank

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Stop Hillary! You're killing me!

Stop Hillary! You're killing me!

Onions the only food that makes you cry ? !!

Onions the only food that makes you cry ? !!

When you listen too much from motivational speakers

When you listen too much from motivational speakers

​These people are dogs!


Enter your text here ... Cat meets dog walking sadly down the road. "What is the problem, you seem to be troubled?," asks the cat. "Its the humans!," says dog. "Every time one of them does something wrong, other humans call him a dog. I am just tied of listening to my name being dragged through the mud, I can't take any more," mourned dog. "Every t...
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One night two thieves broke into a store and stole a bag of oranges from the fresh products section of the shop before they were disturbed. The culprits ran away and were never caught. They decided the safest place to share their loot was the cemetery. On entering the cemetery, two oranges fell from the bag and the two saw it better to come for the...
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​Wise and wiser!


An old man whose hair is wearing off is asked by his grandson why his hair is wearing off. "My hair is wearing off because I am worried," answered the old man. "Why are you worried Grandpa?," asked the young man. "I am worried because my hair is wearing off," answered the old man.

She met albino for the first time in her life and freaks out!

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We put my cousins rubix cube on a paper and put it on the floor of museum of art and people are looking at it!

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Most Insane Prank Of All Time!

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Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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