Thursday, 02 April 2020

Adult performers seeking justice and equality on Instagram

​Nude artists, models, sex-educators, adult movie performers and human rights activists have joined forces to fight one of the biggest world's authorities on the human body and face after Michelangelo – Instagram. Catchupnews was told that they want concise rules for nudity on the popular social platform, for the current situation is clearly hurtin...
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Facebook releases Libra cryptocurrency but what about other horoscope signs?

​Facebook and 27 associated partners have agreed on releasing a new cryptocurrency that will work in favor of all people belonging under the Libra horoscope sign. Catchupnews has to publicly ask about people who were born in other signs – like Scorpios or Sagittarius, for example. And also, what will happen to this fragile crypto-money when the tim...
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Mercedes Benz of dried fish

​The anti-ageism is an obsession of mature men and women who will try anything to stay young, and it's now taking its toll on poor sea creatures that are only trying to stay alive. The latest trend is to cook a soup out of a bladder of totoaba, giant fish from Mexico's Sea of Cortez. The smugglers are selling it up to $80k per kilo – the price...
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Friends forever

​Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica have been friends for more than 20 years. Recently, they came together to celebrate Monica's birthday. Monica is now situated in Missouri with her husband Chandler, their two adopted children, two naturally conceived daughters, and two Zambian kids they took while on a family safari. Phoebe has a low-cost flying company ...
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Monks do it better

​One of the world's rarest and best beers - Trappist Westvleteren, produced by Belgian monks, soon will grace the online sphere with its presence. The monks decided it's time to go viral after the series of incidents involving resale of their precious product for much bigger prices. From now on they will sell the famous beer only to the upright cus...
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Monkey business

​An Australian family was vacating on Bali when they decided to visit a local tourist attraction – monkey inhabited woods. One of the monkeys, however, looking up to those funny people, grabbed their camera and took a selfie, which soon went viral and caused a lot of stir. The funny thing is, nobody laughs when people take selfies, apparently you h...
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No unemployment in thriving economies

Latest data reveals that the eastern, fast-developing countries have such high progress rates, and almost no unemployment - even children work. However, countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Cambodia regularly deliver goods to their western, highly-concerned partners, so we hope to see the whole charade ending in the nearest futu...
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Mark Zuckerberg's deepfake video livelier than his real ones

​ Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, was recently featured in a 'deepfake' video by artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe, together with the advertising agency Canny. The video shows Mark talking about his life agenda and everyday routine. Catchupnews notices that Mark looks far more vivacious in this video that in his usual announcements.

Trump takes advice from Rihanna

​Donald Trump was apparently so moved by a Twitter post about Rihanna that he actually liked it – even before Catchupnews did. It's the first post he ever liked, and the exceptional occurrence is even more amplified by the fact that the post he liked is Rihanna's quote about making time for yourself and taking care of your mental health, for the sa...
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National Express releases images of stowaways and hoboes

14707392-7134335-image-a-86_1560366337694, by Chris Rose
​Nation Express launched a campaign in order to get rid of hoboes and stowaways, and released photos of the persons involved in those kinds of misdemeanour, Catchupnews learned at the Bureau of the Lost. The National Express' mug shots show the offenders' faces and describe their previous occupation, so their families could recognize them and take ...
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