Vegan restaurants starting to serve roadkill cuisine

A long debate about whether eating meat should be considered a murder has finally reached its closure. The League of Vegan Restaurants, temporarily situated in Austin, Texas, announced today that its members will from now on regularly have roadkill cuisine on its menus, and the move is to be considered environment and meat-eaters friendly, as well ...
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Tesla 4 will be powered by cow manure

Tesla automotive and energy company issued a statement about its latest car model – Tesla 4, a groundbreaking model that will change the history of car manufacturing. In the statement, they reveal that the newest Tesla model will be powered by quite an unusual source – cow manure. The initial idea came to life when they tried to think out of the bo...
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Circus themed royal weddings in the future

In order to spice things up a bit, British Counselors of the State decided to have the next royal wedding staged as a circus show with all associated pieces. The carefully crafted program of the next big ceremony of that kind will include acrobatic performances, roller skate twists on a tiny platform, dog singing acts, fire wheels, and clowns. All ...
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Immigrant camps in America - the place to be

A continuously growing influx of immigrant children entering the USA without their parents has been noticed recently, and it's all thanks to the government measures taken in order to improve the state of facilities and the care that's invested in the children's overall well-being. Once shamed for the improvised detention camps that had children abr...
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PETA accuses Kylie Jenner of animal cruelty

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) accused Kylie Jenner, one of the world's youngest millionaires and eminent Instagram influencer, of animal cruelty, excessive use of force, vindictiveness, and contamination of rather clean parking concrete. Ms. Jenner posted a video in which she deliberately and with premeditation smashed an egg o...
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The next Academy Awards will be hosted by a horse

The Academy Awards, commonly referred to as the Oscars, annually presenting the most valuable cinematic achievements of the period, will have an unusual host for its 91st edition, an odd-toed mammal with a crest, or to be more precise, a well-bred racing horse. The famous ceremony, held at the Dolby Theater until now, will also change the location ...
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Members of the UN Security Council will be doing the Bird Box challenge at the next assembly

The fifteen members of the Council, as well as all existing committees and working groups of the United Nations, have reached a unanimous decision concerning the subjects of the next assembly – the themes, discussions, voting, and solutions will be solely based on the Bird Box challenge. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes and brawls, that rarel...
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Facebook kindly offers to make up the damage caused by Cambridge Analytica scandal by offering municipalities to keep all their data for free

The tempest after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, involving Donald Trump's advisor Steve Bannon, has seized during the time, especially after having Bannon resign his position of Trump's chief strategist. However, other big players involved in the scandal are still trying to repair the damage that has been done, and rebuild the trust they've so re...
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Books all over the world have been returning to their original owners after decluttering

At first, it seemed like a quite reasonable thing to do, so many people followed Marie Kondo's advice on decluttering and got rid of book heaps that were just taking space and collecting dust. The renowned Japanese author shared some thoughts on how we should move away from abundant info that we have been exposed on daily basis by reading all that ...
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Regular wood chopping can significantly reduce cellulite

Women all over the world have been fighting it for decades, and just as the whole struggle began to seem pointless, it turned out that some traditional skills could play crucial role in cellulite reduction. The regular wood chopping, for instance, proved to be so efficient, that many of previous gel users, spa-goers, and red-light, laser-beam, foil...
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Michael Gove just became a new weather presenter for BBC

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who's been ardently standing by Prime Minister's side in these hard Brexit days, abruptly ended his well-established political career today, and is now planning to fully commit to his new role in British public life by becoming a BBC Weather presenter. The news broke this morning, after his unannounced and un...
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Air pollution could turn us into zombies

As the most recent scientific research points out, the level of bad air we inhale is directly related to the level of our intelligence test scores, weaker verbal skills, memory, behavioral issues, and apparently it raises susceptibility to mental disorders and criminal behavior. Scientist have been warning us for years on the effects pollution coul...
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Paris Fashion Week officials accusing Yellow Vests of diminishing the famous Parisian sense of fashion

Paris, France, has been known for its illustrious sense of fashion, and the style that was transmitted from all that cool auteur French films directly into the streets of the city, with all of its minimalist-chic looking boys and girls. But the situation has drastically changed recently and culminated last week when Paris Fashion Week organizers pe...
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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber rare PDA photo finally confirms they are officially married


A rare photo, showing Mr. and Mrs. Bieber standing at very close range, and even intending to snuggle to each other, was released over the weekend and put an end to months-long speculations about the marital status of the famous couple. What seemed to be just a rumor, turned out to be a very solemn fact indeed. A murky paparazzi photo that leaked o...
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President Trump will be seriously regarding climate change from now on

As the official sources from the White House claim, President Trump has finally reconsidered his former attitude towards climate change, and will be taking some serious measures in order to meet the challenges of pollution and global warming. The crucial step will be announced tomorrow, on a special conference that will take place in Yellowstone Na...
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Woman wrongly prescribed erectile dysfunction cream for her, err, eye...

​ A woman from Glasgow has found herself battling chemical injuries after she was accidentally prescribed erectile dysfunction cream for her dry eye condition. The woman had to be treated in A & E after being given Vitaros cream instead of similarly names ocular lubricant VitA-POS. A report from December's BMJ Journal is now calling for all han...
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EuroMillions couple save two family homes


Remember the couple we reported on a few days back that won the best part of £115 million pounds on the EuroMillions. Well at the time they had said they would be writing a list of 50 people including friends, family and charities that they would be sharing their millions with. Well, a few days on and they have already started the process! The coup...
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There's a snake in my...kettle!

​Barry Downes from London treated himself to a brand new kettle in the January sales from high street retailer Argos. After a nice cup of tea Downes was shocked to find that there had been a snake in his kettle which has made its way to his kitchen floor! Initially when Barry has seen the snake on the floor her thought it was a 'piece of string' bu...
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And the winner of the Golden Globes goes to the Fiji water woman...


Today has been a big day for awards season with lasts nights Golden Globes causing a lot of chatter across social media today. In amongst the awards, outfits, speeches and red carpet, there was one woman who stood out amongst them all, one woman who didn't walk away with an award but stole the entire Golden Globes Show - the Fiji Water woman. ...
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This Morning is back kicking and....cussing

Martin Clumes swears on This Morning
​ Today marked the reunion of our favourite morning TV duo, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield who present This Morning. They had quite the guest on today's show, Martin Clumes . Clumes was on to discuss his new show 'Manhunt'. He began to chat to the pair about his new role and the reasons why he took it however his co...
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Glenn Close winning a Golden Globe will be 2019's favourite GIF


​ Last night at the Golden Globe Awards Glenn Close took home the 'Best Actress in a Drama' award for her performance in 'The Wife' and her reaction has gone down an absolute storm. The actress appeared visibly shocked when it was announced she had won over Lady Gaga, who was anticipated to have taken home the award. Close was left in surprise as h...
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Netflix urges Bird Box fans to be careful...


​ You've been living under a rock if you've not heard all about Netflix's new hit TV series - Bird Box. Bird Box is the latest Netflix original film which has been creating quite a noise online, generating a strong online fanbase, like most of Netflix's work. Without spoiling it for you, the film centres around a mother, Sandra Bullock, who tries t...
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13 Christmas divorces and a partridge in a pear tree...


Figures from a report that was released yesterday, Friday 4th, by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reveal that a total of 13 people got divorced on Christmas Day in 2018. There's the awkward dinner time chat sorted. In total, over 450 people filed for divorce in England and Wales over the Christmas period between Christmas Eve and New Years ...
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2018: The year of the cassette revival


A report released this week from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) shows that cassette tape sales in 2018 are up a massive 125.3 per cent from 2017 - talk about a retro revival right? The report says that last year nearly 50,000 cassette albums were purchased, the largest volume of cassette sales since 2004. British band The 1975 is...
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Couple scoop £115 million win in EuroMillions


Winning £115 million is the perfect way to start 2019 off, right? Today, Friday 4th January, it was announced at a Press Conference that Northern Irish couple Frances and Patrick Connolly were the lucky winners of the New Years Day EuroMillions draw - winning a whopping £115 million pounds (give or take a few pounds!). The couple who are from Moira...
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