Sackler family, famous philanthropists, will help those affected by OxyContin addiction


​The story of OxyContin, a pain killer drug that created millions of addicts, could get a happy ending. The Sackler family who is behind the firm that introduced the drug, is also famous for great philanthropic deeds, especially in the field of art, and will most likely help those affected by addiction, perhaps by issuing them free passes to museum...
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Rise of kidfluencers on social media

There's a new category  on celebrity skies, and it involves sweet kids, their canny parents, and social networks. The class of kidfluencer shortly became a trending opportunity on Instagram when parents realized that bringing up children doesn't have to be a stressful, sleepless, exhausting, and pricey activity, and that they could actually ea...
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American DEA offers marijuana-burning gig to Arizona contractors


The US Drug Enforcement Administration is searching for an accurate contractor to burn a tone of marijuana, approximately 1,000 pounds per hour, or about 896,000 half-gram joints. The confiscated marijuana should be burnt behind tall walls, so no onlookers could see, smell, or inhale the smoke of incarcerated supplies. The temperature should reach ...
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Jared Kushner still using WhatsApp when talking foreign politics

​Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, and an adviser on Middle East strategy, evidently still uses an easily accessible app when talking to his foreign acquaintances, Democrats claim. Kushner, whose close Whatsapp friend list includes the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, can't restrain himself from using the app. 'I dig him completely,' an ano...
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Yellow vests set famous Parisian restaurant on fire

​The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement's protests became a regular Saturday night activity in Paris, and include bonfires, wild noise, smokes, and bright colours. But this middle-class fight for a better life just took its toll – on cats. After burning down luxurious Parisian restaurant Fouquet's, known for its high society clientele, many anim...
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Spring tiredness worsened by constant media coverage

The spring has finally hit the northern hemisphere, and the usual troubles began – many people are complaining about prolonged tiredness, drowsiness, and lack of enthusiasm. Some even find that constant media coverage has worsened their symptoms over the years. "I was so cheerful in the spring before,' Susie Q. notices, 'but then I started reading ...
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More and more people think that AI could govern better than politicians

​The newest survey on how Europeans perceive technological advances of modern days shows that steadily increasing number of people think that artificial intelligence mechanisms, even with still modest abilities of thinking, moving, and speaking, could serve and lead countries better than today's politicians. This was the only result that was in fav...
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New Gucci Screener sneakers should bring back memories of good days, company claims


​The latest Gucci item, their vintage flattering pair of sneakers christened Screener, with prices varying from 870 up to 1250 US dollars, brings back the memories of good old days back at the neighbourhood basketball court with its shabby chic look, and calculated griminess. Dirty, scruffy things apparently became a new obsession of wealthy people...
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Elisabeth Holmes - channelling tech brilliance through black turtlenecks, baritone voice and good social skills


​Elizabeth Holmes, the young founder of Theranos, a health care technology company for blood testing, quickly became an instant sensation in the world of tech entrepreneurship thanks to her own ways of channelling tech-genius glow. She could swiftly tune in by wearing black turtlenecks inherited by her Uncle Steve, lowering her voice in order to so...
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Saudi Arabia Crown Prince suffers loss of privileges

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who got himself in trouble by almost certainly ordering the execution of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, is now facing repercussions from his father, King Salman. The old king reportedly forbade the prince to attend cabinet meetings, and many other activities, such as selling lemonade, playing squash around...
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