Dr. Dre wanted to show how his daughter made it to college on her own. Then he remembered the donation.


The recent revelation that showed how wealthy parents have paid huge sums to get their kids to elite colleges has made some of them stand up and show how their children have made it on their own. Dr. Dre boasted on Twitter about his Daughter getting into USC all on her own. Then he remembered how he donated $70 million to school and quickly deleted...
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​How life can bite you in the ass


A girl told to her father that she has run out of alcohol and doesn't have any money to buy anything for the weekend. Father was helpful and gave her the huge bottle of vodka from the cupboard without knowing that a daughter stole it when she was 16 and replaced the content with water. Source: Reddit

​Selling drugs to your math professor


Life can get weird sometimes. A student's roommate was doing drugs. That was somewhat common knowledge. Once their math professor came to talk to them. The roommate was terrified, but all the math professor wanted was some drugs. He ended up being the roommate's best customer for the next two years. Source: Reddit

​A "Shell tax"


We all know how crazy children are about seashells. They end up carrying bags of seashells out of the beach and keeping the beach treasures in their bedrooms. One mum had a clever solution for the shell problem. She explained to her children that there is a shell tax on beaches- everyone is allowed to pick three shells from...
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Never touch the bottle with a sticky note that says "water"


​ Drunk people can be mean. A couple invited friends over on Friday night and the boyfriend got very drunk. Waking up hungover and very thirsty he noticed a water bottle with a sticky note that said "water" on his nightstand. He took a large gulp, realised it was vodka and vomited all over the bed. Turned out his girlfriend had decided to pull a pr...
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Life of a dean: cocaine and sex slave


Sometimes life can be crazier than TV. A dean of the university was forced to leave because he blew almost all the school budget for fancy dinners with donors, showed up in official university events high on cocaine and kept an assistant as a sex slave. He sent the school to a major budget crisis and the PR disaster was waiting to happen. Sour...
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How telling lies to your children can go wrong


This kid lost her mind over what her parents had told her about deers. When she was little, she was walking with her mum on a trail. The little girl kept running ahead. To stop her, mum told her daughter that there were deer in the area and, if one caught her, it would "setal her face". Around the next corner, they saw a deer. Source: Buz...
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​​How laziness in the university can lead you to prison


It's not easy to teach a mentally ill student. One professor had a student who adored her until she failed him for not turning almost any assignments in. The student who had called the teacher the best went on to threatening to kill her. He got a restraining order but violated it by screaming obscenities whenever he saw his professor. In the end, h...
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​Cat gets locked out of her litterbox, opens bag of litter and poops there instead


Cats can be incredibly intelligent. This London cat was locked out of the bathroom where the litterbox was situated. It was night time, people were sleeping and help was nowhere to be found. What did the poor cat do? Not wanting to be a house-pooper the cat found a new bag of litter ripped it open, spilled out the litter and went to toilet there. S...
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Famous vegan YouTuber was caught eating fish in another person's vlog


Yovana Mendoza has 500 000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Her website is all about revealing one's authentic self and eating fruits and veggies. Fans were shocked finding footage of her eating meat. Only after getting caught she talked  how her doctor had advised her to eat meat and eggs which she has done two m...
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