10+ Ex-Cons Revealed The Absolute Crazy Things They Have Witnessed In Jail

Prison is an exceptionally cruel place. There’s a reason behind why such a significant number of individuals fear it. It’s loaded with criminals, the immortals, and the hopeless people. It just ruins your human comfort level, and that is the reason it’s a vital way of punishing people. Individuals who can’t work in a general public should lose a fragment of their life as a result.

However, what precisely goes in prisons? You presumably haven’t been there; I haven’t also. These ex-cons uncovered the most doomed up things they saw, and damn. Try not to do violations.

Or if done, please don’t get caught up in prison.

#1 Broken neck.

#2 Brown recluse spider.

#3 Prison bus.


#4 Crazy, scary, and large

#5 Cancer

#6 Diabetes
declined medicine

#7 Insulin

#8 Man up
drug addicts

#9 Prison hospital
heroin balloon

#10 HIV positive
hiv positive

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