10 Most Unsafe Countries For Women In The World

When it comes to the rights of women they are ignored even for the basic ones.

Women up till this date are not secure in these most unsafe countries of the world. The safety of women is yet a huge issue although the world is moving towards progression. Every day women are being raped, and it’s becoming a part of domestic violence and human trafficking in various regions of these dangerous countries.

Everyone needs security, as it is the core right of every person. If a person has to be scared all the time, it’s simply not fair to them.

Here we’ve noted down some of the riskiest countries in the world that are not safe for women! I am sure you never knew about them!

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It is undoubtedly the most dangerous country as it has the highest rate of acid attacks on women and most of them don’t even get justice. There were around 45,000 cases of domestic violence reported in 2015.

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About 87% of the woman population in this country is uneducated, and about 70 – 80% female is forced into early marriage when they are at a very tender age, all between 15-19 years. This country also has an extreme level of domestic violence cases with a maternal death ratio of 400 in 100,000.

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India is the largest regarding population but still; it’s not a safe country for women because of its high rates of rapes, gang rapes, human trafficking, domestic violence and female infanticides. As per the statistics, there are above fifty million cases of female abortion in last 30 years.

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According to an investigation, Congo has the nastiest records of gender-related violence. Around 1.150 women are raped every single day, which goes to 420,000 in a year. Health outcomes are poor as well, with fifty-seven percent of pregnant women testified to be anemic.

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It’s a country lacking law and order, and sexual harassment is considered something normal, high maternal deaths. Child marriage and woman genital mutilation are also a regular, everyday concern.

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Early-age and forced marriages, punishment by stoning, and acid attacks are the leading concerns of this country for the females. It’s not safe for women here as more than 1,000 girls become victims in the name of ‘honor killings’ each year, and a significant number of them have to face domestic violence. That happens mainly in the tribal areas, where the ratio of educated people is meager.


The women of this country just get a tiny part of the income they make although it’s the country with a high rate of agricultural production. Educational projections for girls are outrageous, while they are skilled at an inferior level to their counterparts. HIV is also a common problem for the woman there, as they don’t partake any power over their own private life.

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Research tells that every fifteen seconds a woman gets sexually assaulted and a female gets murdered every two hours. Women are not permitted to take a reproductive decision as their criminal code forbids abortions except in the cases of rape, or where it is substantially dangerous for the woman to give birth to the baby. Women who break this law and get the abortion done can get jailed for three years.

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Harassment and sexual assault are so common over there that even the tourists may have faced it. Women are mistreated when it’s something about their rights of marrying, child custody, divorce, and inheritance.

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There were four thousand cases of women vanishing in 2011-2012. Females are let down by the legal structure that does not guard against sexual assault and domestic violence

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