10 Sneaky Signs You’re About to Get Dumped

Are you wondering if your partner is going to break up with you soon? We have some common signs listed here.


Breakups, also referred to as getting dumped. It’s not as big of a deal if you’re the one dumping, because you’ve already had time to make that decision. But what if you’re on the receiving end? And what if you have no idea your partner is about to break up with you?

Ideally, you both realize that the relationship isn’t working out. But in case you’re the unaware one, here are ten signs that might indicate your partner is planning to drop the “just friends” or “it’s not you it’s me” monologue and dump you.

Not Inviting You

Going to events and parties, and not inviting you. She has so many excuses of not bringing you to her social engagements. Going to attend a co-workers’ birthday party? You probably don’t know anyone there. A board game party? You won’t have fun if you tag along. This is a problem, especially if something happens that you know she knows you would have enjoyed. Lanelamani


Though sometimes we overreact to little things, our instincts are there for a reason. Don’t completely ignore them, and make sure to bring them up with your partner ASAP. Petty Fights

Even the littlest things cause fights to erupt, and sometimes you think he’s trying to start a fight when there’s nothing to argue about. Misunderstandings remain unsettled, and he’s not even trying to fix it. Lanelamani Purposefully Angering You

Doing things she knows you hate, on purpose. If you notice her trying to get on your nerves all the time, maybe she’s doing it on purpose. Because if she’s really into you, she’ll be trying to get on your good side rather than the opposite. Forgetting Important Dates

Maybe he’s just busy. Like, you know a lot of things running through his mind with work and all that. Probably. But if he doesn’t try to make up for it. And keeps on doing it again and again. It’s because those dates aren’t all too important to him. Or he is developing symptoms of dementia. Breakup-Spells Displaying Availability

You notice that she changed her profile picture. Yeah, the one that has you in it. And changed it to her most photogenic selfie. Then you notice her trying to look good more than usual, getting a little too friendly with some of your guy friends, cracking up jokes and stuff. She’s not just trying to impress your friends, it seems more like she’s looking for a possible replacement. Conversations Become One-Sided

You’re not really talking anymore. Somehow his vocabulary has become limited to fine, great, not really, yeah, just tired, and okay. Basically, your “conversations” are you talking and his one or two-word sentences. In text, his replies takes longer than usual or don’t come at all. Phone calls become shorter, and eventually stop. Cancelling Plans

During the early stage of your relationship, she had all the time in the world for you. You used to be at the top of her priorities. But if recently she’s been cancelling plans more than usual, and sometimes ditches you altogether, you’d better keep an eye out. Snopes Less Intimacy

Of course, not everyone wants to cuddle, or more, all the time. But if you find yourself the one who always initiates the kisses and the lovemaking, think again. Spending More Time Away from You

He spends more time with friends, or anyone in particular, except you. After work, he hangs out with the office crew, and on weekends, he sticks with his guy friends. And he always looks happier being with them than sharing time with you.

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