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10 Surefire Tricks For Bringing Out Her Naughty Side In Bed

10 Surefire Tricks For Bringing Out Her Naughty Side In Bed

Every girl has a naughty side waiting to be explored. If you have the complaint that your girl is not naughty enough then you are doing something wrong. You just need the right foreplay in your relationship to bring out the devilish side.

It depends on you what you are willing to do to make her happy and bring out the hidden naughty side that you have been waiting for. It is like a hidden treasure and you are Indiana Jones. You will get that Lunatic side in bed from her as long as you are willing to work for it.

1. Explore the naughty side that even she doesn’t even know exists 


We all have that naughty side that we hide from everyone else but it comes out when someone really knows how the magic works. She might seem like a quiet and shy girl but there is a naughty side to her personality like every other person and you will find it out if you what you are doing and you work hard for it. Once you find that naughty side you will be in for a crazy ride.

Take into consideration our next step to get things started, and it will surely spice things up.

2. Start with a little bit of Foreplay

Women don’t have a problem with foreplay, in fact, they love foreplay, It sets the mood and can be really helpful in bringing out her naughty side. Small touches and some kisses light kisses on the neck can take you a long way. Play with her, whisper in her ears. Set up the mood with candle lights and a bottle of wine and make her feel more comfortable.

Help build the sexual tension between you and her and she will let you see her naughty side.

3. Explore her fantasies

If you want to explore her naughty side you have to selfless and find out what she really likes in bed and what are her turn on and turn offs. Find out what kind of role play she likes and if she likes to be treated gently or she wants to be treated roughly. Give her what she wants and in return, she will give you what you really want. Make her fantasies come true and she will make yours come true, Feed into her desires.

Next step can help you in exploring her fantasies.

4. Ask her what she really wants

The easiest way to find out what she really wants and what turns her on is simply to ask her. Communication is an important key in any relationship and this is no different. She will appreciate it if you find out yourself but there is nothing wrong with this kind of conversation and it opens up a lot of doors to having a very good time for both of you.

5. Make her feel wanted

Everyone wants to be desired and it is a great turn on when you express that how much you want her and what she means to you. Make her the center of attention and make her feel that her fantasies and desires matter more to you than your own. Make her feels that she belongs there and in return, she will take care of you.


6. Women and men are both equally naughty

It is a common misconception that men are more sexually active than females but that is not true. Women are as sexual as their male partners and some of them can be ever more sexually active than their male partners. So don’t feel ashamed to ask for her fantasies and fulfill them because she will appreciate it and you will see the wild side that you have never seen before.

You have to stay away from the next step if you want a good time and it can be a great turn off and ruin everything.


7. Don’t put pressure

We all know what pressure and performance anxiety can do to a male but it is also bad for women too. Don’t make her do what she doesn’t want because it will make you look like a douche and she will lose interest. Criticism is not suitable for men and women so refrain from it if you want it to be a happy experience.

This is entirely different from the next step, and it will make it more fun.


8. Don’t be afraid to be rough

Traditional and calm sex can get boring and repetitive so it is good to spice it up every once in a while and take a different approach. Women like it when men take control and they don’t mind a slight pull of hair, Push her to the wall and give her a gentle spanking with an open hand. A gentle squeeze of the breast and playful roughness can be a great turn on and the things will go wild from there. But be sure to ask her first and start will with a gentle foreplay.


9. Bond will your women on a deeper level

Get to know your woman in a way that she doesn’t have to tell you what she wants at that moment. Give her kisses and cuddles during the day and make her feel like a queen and she will return the favor in the bed and make you feel like a king. Send her naughty and sweet messages all day and let her know that you are thinking about her in a naughty way.

This last step is the most important step of them all…


10. Appreciate and motivate the Naughtiness

If you like her to be naughty in the bed than encourage else where too. You can’t keep two separate approaches, it will just make her resent the time she spent with you in bed. Encourage her horniness and keep her on her toes by playing her little game out side the bed. Appreciate it when she dresses sexy for you and makes her feel comfortable that she can show you the side of her personality that no one has seen before.


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