12 Nature Photos That Are Guaranteed To Give People Nightmares

One of the most incredible things about nature is that it’s completely unpredictable. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, it shows you something so utterly bizarre that it doesn’t even seem real.

So it seems that, no matter where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, there’s always a new way to be shocked by the wonders of the natural world. From otherworldly sea creatures to anthropomorphic wood, the Earth possesses a never-ending stream of oddities that are more horrifying than beautiful.

Here, we’ve gathered several of the most extreme examples. Each one is enough to make you say “nope!”

1. This photograph might appear to be the first evidence of bodies being dragged into the entrance to hell, but, rest assured, it’s not. Instead, it’s the lip of an active volcano with some oddly dried lava. Let’s just hope there’s not people trapped under there!

2. Either this is one bizarre crab-human hybrid or it’s a gigantic crab who’s found a new home inside of the most terrifying neighborhood. This is why we need to be careful with our trash—it could end up as the shell of a monstrous nightmare-crab!


3. Apparently, when a retail store owner showed up to work one morning, this frog was lying withered and dead on the ground. When the woman returned to clean it up, the water had brought it back to life. Yeesh! Zombie frogs!

4. This woman’s father kept a wooden statue in his shed unattended for several years, and when he returned to retrieve it, a colony of hornets had built their nest around it and abandoned ship shortly after. Holy smokes—that’s scary!

5. Workers were near a frozen lake when they came upon a drowned fox. So, they cut it out and extracted it from the still-frozen water. They kept him there to ward off people from walking on the unstable surface. Thanks?


6. This parasite, known as Cymothoa exigua, enters a fish’s body through its gills. Once inside, they eat their tongue and then replace it with themselves. That is one incredibly eerie way to find your way to someone’s heart!

7. Apparently this bizarre fish has been watching reruns of The Simpsons, because he looks  a whole lot like Mr. Burns. Perhaps, he even mated with Blinky, the mutated three-eyed fish from the nuclear power plant!

8. Sure, in the natural world, you’ll encounter your fair share of strange animals, but have you ever seen a lizard sprout a third foot from its tail? Looks like this little guy might be taking the next step in his evolution!


9. Believe it or not, that’s no snake! It’s actually a caterpillar with a pretty large, camouflaged head. They’re going to have to update the cover of The Very Hungry Caterpillar if this is how they’re going to look from now on.

10. This isn’t the result of some questionable infrastructure planning; it’s actually the aftermath of a deadly landslide that took place in Taiwan. The highways were completely destroyed. Traffic is definitely going to be a little backed up—eek!

11. You might believe that a crane would be the victor in a battle against a tiny snake, but you’d be dead wrong! This poor bird definitely wants to ask for a little help, but his tongue’s tied.


12. This is basically United States propaganda, isn’t it? An American bald eagle standing victoriously atop a Canadian goose? You do the math. That’s what we thought. “These colors don’t run, Mr. Goose.”

Wow, the world is definitely filled with some pretty strange stuff. It’s time to look around and start appreciating it more often!

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