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13 Photos Of Girls Wearing Nothing But ‘PAINTED’ Clothes Will Make You Look Twice At Them

13 Photos Of Girls Wearing Nothing But ‘PAINTED’ Clothes Will Make You Look Twice At Them

Recently what caught the most attention was body painting termed 'painted clothes '. 'Painted clothes ' is a type of body painting in which artist paint on body and make designs of shirts, pants and it appears like girls are wearing a real dress but no one can easily identify that it is a painting. They walk in public place but no one notice that girls clothes are painted, and not really in clothes. They are just painted clothes which cannot be found that easily.

1. An Artist Is Not Paid For His Labour But For His Vision.

The artists are bold enough to epitomize the modern penchant for creating "art for art's sake" and creative enough to grab everyone's attention and be unique. A vision that would show how their paintings turn out to be clothes that are painted.
Probably every artist wants to do painting like people's favourite character or doing something shocking and then laughing and grinning later on over people's surprised faces.

2. A Painting Is Very Easy When You Don't Know How, But Very Difficult When You Do it.

Bodypainting is just not an ephemeral art but also comes with a tiring process and before it is simply washed away, it has to be captured. It has an intimate connection to photography and has influenced the development, within this discipline, of a whole new genre.
You may think having your body painted is a snap. Is that easy that how you just stand there while someone brushes paint all over your body — how tough can that be? There's actually a lot more to it than that. First, a quality and complex body painting job take a fair amount of time. Don't just expect to breeze in and out of the studio in just in a couple of hours like daily shoot. Since it may take several hours and will likely be a tiring process.

3. Creativity Takes Courage.

These people endure so much and the best part is their determination and attitude. They can tell their story with their body through this artwork, and show how beautiful their oneself truly are.
Though it becomes very personal, very intimate, having someone paint on your nude body. "It has a profound impact."

4. Painting Is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks.

Body painting and painted clothes are even used as an awareness creating a source in many campaigns such as of breast cancer awareness, AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

Models usually portray their experience through painting. Each model has an amazing story to tell. Stories of shock, disbelief, fear, disfiguring surgeries, harsh medical treatments and long recovery times. The journeys have paved its own paths but the common thing is their courage and to reconcile those intimidating diseases more than once.

 5. Art is not what you see but make you others see.

Body paint artists give their best, they have long played challenged the norm by a stunning painting of clothes onto women bodies and have them walk around in public places and check if anyone is actually noticing not only as a means of challenging society, but also checking if they can get away with it.

 6. Clothless but well dressed.

It feels amusing for both artist and people who see, that how someone can look all well dressed when they're barely wearing something at all. It's only a shot of a keen eye to notice it.

7. Say it without words.

Many organizations such as PETA use body painting as way to protest, people paint animal skin onto their body and protest for the rights of animals

8. Reflection Of Soul.

Body painting is like a direct transfer of energy through brush and paint with serene intention. When two persons share an intention, whether it be a visualisation of thoughts coming through the brush, healing through recognition of oneself and embracing self love, or simply being present to the breath along and the sensation of strokes on the skin which is not just a painting but alignment of our vibrations and creating a wave of experience.

 9. Healing With Body Paints.

Healing with Body Paint sessions have been a well known for it's impact. It can be performed in the privacy and comfort of own home. It's about painting the body into something that signifies wellness or the simplicity of nature. Every painting is unique. Healing alternatively through intuitive colours and through the energy lines, it allows for chakras to open and the meridians to clear.

 10. Just say it all!

Painted clothes are one of the best ways of advertisement. It is clever and clear. And the message is obvious.

 11. Cropped Top

12. Amazing Wedding Dress

She was so obsessed for painted clothes so she asked Joy Jowel to paint the elegant wedding dress for her.

 13. Beautiful Painted Clothes Were Used For Different Events.

She drew an outfit for an event named Little Puff 2017

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