13 Types of People You Need To Stay Away From At All Costs

There are all kinds of people we come across every day. Some of these we interact with every day, such as family, roommates, or coworkers. While interacting with people gives us a rich and diverse experience of life, there are downsides too. Many individuals are caring, loving, and helpful. Others can be mean, vicious, or petty.

When you come across negative or toxic people the best thing to do is cut them out of your life. It is imperative you do this soon before they affect your mood and personality. Read on below to find out the types of people one should avoid no matter what:

#1: The Fault-Finder


Some people gloat when they find some fault in another. They don’t hesitate to point it out, rubbing salt into the wound. Their negative behavior only gets worse when they were actually right about something going wrong. Their favorite phrase just may be ‘I told you so!’. There may even be a triumphant gleam in their eye instead of genuine sympathy.

You would also be able to pinpoint such people when you’ve actually accomplished something good. They would be the ones lurking on the sidelines, giving cursory and polite remarks. True appreciation and happiness in other people’s success do not interest them much.

In fact, you would find them poking holes in your success or joy. For instance, if someone has just had a baby, the fault-finders would find something wrong with it. They are the ones who would berate a mother from having a C-section instead of a vaginal birth. Alternatively, they would criticize the baby’s looks, gender, habits, and a million other things.

The solution to these people is probably to stay away from them. You might be brave enough to snap back at them, but they’re not one to cease their nit-picking. They would only serve to make you unhappy even in your most joyous moments.

It is best not to worry about what such toxic individuals think, do or say about you. They are probably this way because of their own insecurity or personal peculiarities. Actually, you may want to consider pitying them but at a distance. Preferably, a very long distance.

#2: The Big Mouth


These people are very likely within your social circle. They may even be your friends who are privy to your secrets. However, you may soon notice that your secrets are not safe with them. Here, you have to be very careful, since this person might know a lot about you. You should be brave, though, and stand up for yourself in cutting such people away from yourself.

When you see anyone divulging any secrets of yours, know that they are not your friend. Not even the ones who have been with you since childhood. If they betray your trust, they’re just not worth keeping around.

Even if you can’t break away at once, stop confiding in them. This would make sure you are not disappointed or embarrassed in the future. The same goes for a person who is telling you other people’s secrets without their permission. If they can’t respect their privacy and trust, they won’t respect yours.

#3: Two-Faced Chameleon


There would be some people in the world who just put on a new face according to their situation. There’s no harm in having a different persona for work, home, and social activities. However, two-faced people are those hypocritical entities who merely pretend to be your friend. When you run your back, they’d be snuggling up to your enemy and maybe plotting against you.

Maybe it’s not always this dramatic, but hypocrites should not be one of the people you interact with every day. You can soon spot them by the way they’re always looking out for their own interest. They may profess to be your everlasting friend one day and deeply cut you the next. Beware of them, for they can get you deeply depressed if you count on them.

#4: The Forever Victim


The fact that this person constantly plays the victim may be the very basis of your friendship. You may have felt sorry for them. Alternatively, they may have latched onto you when they saw a glimmer of sympathy.

These individuals would not look at why someone apparently hurt or wronged them. They would only see the supposed injustice, and whine about it for eternity. This doesn’t mean that you shun your friend who’s genuinely going through a hard time. However, it is very likely that someone who’s always playing the victim is not very deserving of your pity.

See if the one who’s always crying and moaning actually takes some steps to rectify their situation. Do they try to overcome obstacles, or just see every bump as a huge blockade? If they are inclined to worry about a situation rather than learn from it, they’re probably holding you back too. Stay away from them for a few days and see how your productivity and mood would soar!

#5: Judging Self-Lifter


Close friends can criticize you, as can your family in some areas. However, there is a line between criticizing and judging. Good friends would know when to keep within their limits.

Toxic people, however, would probably veer towards judging you for the fun they get out of it. This is not driven by any concern for your well-being, but to feel better about themselves.

In fact, judgmental people mostly don’t really care if you better yourself. They would keep on finding things to judge you on. For example, if you just started a new job, they would judge you for leaving the old one. If you stick to one career path they would judge you for not branching out. It’s just not worth keeping them around since they’ll just bring you down. They would choke out your passion, creativity, and maybe even change who you are. So stay true to yourself and your choices, and run away from them. If you simply cannot do so, ignore and avoid them like the plague.

#6: The Negative Nancies


Pessimists are very difficult people to live with. They may not completely focus on you, but they would bring down your mood. Basically, these are the people who have no hopes, dreams or even a sense of positivity.

You can recognize these negative personalities by the cold showers they bring upon your upbeat feelings. Perhaps you can even see the room darken as they approach. Maybe that’s taking it a tad too far. However, if anyone has known a true pessimist, this may be just how they feel.

You don’t have to take our word for it. There have been studies conducted on this matter. Even those who were assigned roommates that though negatively ended up being depressed. This is no laughing matter, so distance yourself from pessimists immediately. If you see signs of pessimism in yourself, take action immediately.

#7: The Non-Listeners


Maybe you have noticed some people around you who never let anyone else talk. There might be some cases where one sibling commonly speaks over the other. They may even answer questions meant for other people.

While such individuals may claim that they are only trying to help out shy people, they’re not. They just want to hear the sound of their own voice. Their opinions, to them, surpass everyone else’s in matters of importance. When you hear someone grabbing every opportunity to speak, you can be sure they’re not good for you. Stay away from them and don’t indulge them. If they’re speaking for someone you’re addressing, tell them off as firmly as possible.

#8: The Gossiper


The gossiper is that person who has little interest in work-related happenings. They highly prefer to talk about people; what everyone was wearing, who got separated, etc. In fact, they get special pleasure if the news they’re spreading is bad rather than good.

It may be fun to be friends with a gossiper at first. You get an insight into everyone’s lives; maybe even have some valuable information on how to deal with a boss. As time goes on, though, you would realize what an unhealthy friendship you have. If you are a fairly decent person, you would feel bad about gossiping so much. Hence, try to stay away from such people right from the start. There is a lot of good out there, and focusing on the negatives would only harm you. There is no real pleasure or learning to be had from gloating in the misfortunes of others.

#9: The Emotional Rollercoaster


The actions of such people may remind you of bipolar disorder patients. They are up in the air one minute, and down in the dumps the next. The worst part of it is that they are blaming you for everything that goes awry.

When you notice such a person, you may sympathize with them. However, you would soon realize that these people are using you as an emotional dumping ground. You probably have problems and responsibilities of your own. Stay away from becoming a glorified 24/7 babysitter or nanny. Life is too short to run after those who have no thought for anyone but themselves.

#10: The Compulsive Liar


We all have lied at some point or another. However, there are some especially toxic individuals who just can’t seem to help but lie on every occasion. This may be a twisted form of kleptomania, only they steal the truth wherever they see it.

You would have to have some experience with a compulsive liar in order to recognize them. They may be lying about something as trivial as why they have to go somewhere. These lies could pile up and turn into something serious. In fact, they could break the foundation of any relationship.

#11: The Self-Lover


Everyone should love themselves a little. However, there is a difference between a healthy self-respect and downright self-obsession. Unfortunately, the self-absorbed trend is at an all-time high these days. Social media has made many people obsessed with taking selfies. Even if one is not posting their own pictures, they would be bragging about some aspect of their lives.

You can know a self-absorbed person when you start to feel lonely even with them. What’s really sad is that this could even happen with your significant other. In fact, you may even feel used as a tool in their building up of themselves. Perhaps you’re the picture-perfect husband who doesn’t get any attention apart from pictures and Facebook statuses. Alternatively, you could be the geeky kid that someone befriends only to look good in contrast with. It seems cruel and even surreal, but it happens.

Such friendships or relationships rarely have any other point to them. Hence, it’s probably best to cut your losses and move on. If you don’t, you are likely to lose your own identity in establishing their popularity.

#12: The Green-Eyed Monster


We all have our successes and failures. However, when we succeed, we are likely to be in danger of attracting unwanted attention. Among this is the envy of certain toxic people.

Not only would envious people try to bring you down, they would try to snatch your success away from you. They would not be happy in their own accomplishments. Rather, they would see your rewards as their rights, with some illogical thinking.

Staying away from such people is very important, since they may make you feel low about yourself. You may even find yourself following in their footsteps and being jealous of other people’s accomplishments.

#13: The Toxic Twisted


The kinds of people above may not be aware of their actions. We can give them the benefit of doubt since we don’t really know their true intentions. However, there are some people in the world who just have malicious intentions, period.

It might seem strange, but there are actual emotional sadists in existence. These are the people who get enjoyment from seeing someone in pain. They may be nice to you when they want something, but would actively hurt you otherwise.

The only positive thing about such people is that you can usually spot them a mile away. You would notice them hurting other people and instinctively become alert. Hopefully, you wouldn’t come across such folks in the first place. However, do remember that they are around, so be on your toes!

Not only do negative people create a lot of stress and drama, they drain our energy as well. Hence, to keep your mental and physical length at peak, stay away from the types above. It may be difficult, but you have to do what it takes. This could mean finding a new place to live or work but would be worth it in the end.

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