13-Year-Old Who’s Already A Father Makes Outrageous Statement To Reporters

At 13 years old, the furthest thing from a boy’s mind should be the responsibilities of parenthood. The teen years should be a time of innocence, hanging out with friends, and generally having zero adult duties.

However, it’s also a period of life when mistakes are made, and sometimes those mistakes can last a lifetime. This is something one young man in the United Kingdom learned the hard way.

Meet Alfie Madden, who at 13, astonishingly became the father of a baby girl. Alfie got his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant after a night of unprotected sex. Now, he’s been thrust into adulthood and forced to take care of his daughter. But that was only where his story began; the already-unbelievable events took a shocking turn…

People were stunned when news broke that British teenager Alfie Madden got his 15-year-old girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman, pregnant when he was just 13. The couple had dated for two years when Chantelle became pregnant. The child, she said, was his.


He quickly transitioned from a fresh-faced teen with zero responsibility into a father in the blink of an eye. As you can tell just from looking at the photographs, being a new father before he had finished puberty was a shock that this boy was not prepared for.

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When Alfie was asked how he planned to take care of his daughter financially, he had to ask a reporter what the word “financially” meant; a statement that truly revealed just how unprepared for this challenge the young boy was. How could he ever be expected to shoulder this responsibility?


Aside from financial support, people wondered how an infant could even be taken care of by those who were only in the early stages of their teenage years. It was a question worth asking, especially because it was clear just how inexperienced the two were.

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Once the news broke, the couple reported that they were raising the little girl at Chantelle’s home. Although grossly unprepared to be parents, Alfie’s attitude about getting his act together showed promise. “I think we will be good parents. I need to work harder at school now,” he said.


That was all in 2009. In 2014, everything changed for Alfie once again. Almost as soon as his story broke, other young men who had sex with Chantelle came forward. They believed that they might be the baby’s real father. Alfie was stunned.


One person who wasn’t stunned? His mother. As soon as Alfie told her he was a father at 13, she had doubts. “My son was a virgin, there’s no way you could have got her up the duff,” said his mother. She was relieved to discover that she was right.



For years he had believed himself a new dad. Eventually, he had been forced to leave school without a degree. Unable to make any income due to lack of qualifications, he was living off the money he received monthly from the government.


When a DNA test was finally ordered, the truth came out. Alfie was not the baby’s father after all. After that, his crown of “youngest dad in Britain” was stripped from him and placed on the head of another unidentified teen and his young partner.



Alfie said he has no plans to have any children any time soon. He has since split with Chantelle and, while he is dating, he says he is not looking for a serious relationship. Can you blame him? Watch Alfie’s interview at the time of his “daughter’s” birth below and see for yourself…

Alfie may have thought that he was ready to have sex, but his situation would suggest otherwise. Perhaps he could’ve benefited from sex ed a little earlier on in his education.

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