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15 Celebrities Who Battled Addiction And Won

15 Celebrities Who Battled Addiction And Won

Numerous celebrities have battled addictions and have successfully won over their substance abuse. See here some celebrities who won their battle against addictions!

Some celebrities regret the day they became famous so they start taking substances to calm their nerves. You can rarely find a celebrity that didn’t take illegal substances or drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Luckily, most celebrities overcame their addictions and they are “clean” now.

These are the celebrities who battled addiction and won:

1. Eminem

Hip Hop Golden Age

A few years ago, Eminem could have almost died of drug overdose. That time, only urgent medical intervention saved the rapper’s life. Today, Eminem’s two biggest addictions are his music and his daughter!

2. Britney Spears

Glamour UK

Britney nearly lost her successful career due to substance abuse, alcoholism, and family scandals. Only her father could have saved her from her certain downfall. If Britney’s father didn’t react on time, she would lose her career and kids.

3. Sir Elton John

Everett Collection/East News

Elton started taking drugs very young. He took drugs to overcome his shyness. His addiction was so intense that he almost died of an overdose in the 1970s.

In 1990, John admitted himself into a rehab center. Today, he is clean of all illegal substances.

4. Sting


Sting was once a heavy drinker and a drug addict. His addiction made his wife leave him together with their children. That event changed Sting, so he quit his addictions.

5. Kelly Osbourne

Fox News

The reason why Kelly Osbourne was an addict is that she inherited that from her famous dad Ozzy. Kelly looked like a freak in the past, and she took various pills on a daily basis.

Her addiction was breaking her self-esteem. Luckily, Kelly’s last visit to a rehab center saved her life and her self-esteem.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

The Independent

Our Harry Potter was sinking into depression more and more after each Harry Potter movie. Prior to the release of the last movie about Harry Potter, Radcliffe started to drink heavily. He appeared drunk several times on the set of the last Harry Potter film.

He said this about his alcoholism: “When I was drunk, I became a different person. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning in an unfamiliar apartment with no recollection of how I got there. I had constant breakdowns, which led to drinking binges.

Then, one day, I went for a walk, which lasted for about five hours. During that time, I never once felt an urge to have a drink. That’s when I realized that I needed to walk in the fresh air and exercise.

Nowadays, I do these things every day, and I don’t drink at all.”

7. Kristin Davis


Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York was a heavy drinker. She started drinking at the beginning of her acting career because she suffered from stage fright.

Kristin’s friend persuaded her to attend yoga courses and Alcoholics Anonymous to overcome her addiction. Luckily, Kristin won over her addiction and became famous worldwide for her role of Charlotte in S** and the City.

8. Drew Barrymore

Marie Claire

Becoming famous at a young age wasn’t easy for the young Drew Barrymore so she started to drink at the age of 13. Her alcohol abuse made her the ugly duckling of Hollywood.

To save herself from scandals and tantrums caused by her alcoholism, Drew admitted herself into a rehab clinic. She was in rehab for 8 months. Drew became an entirely new person after rehab.

9. Steven Tyler

Ultimate Classic Rock

Steven Tyler’s life was based on the famous credo “S**, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll!” for two decades. After two decades of substance abuse, Tyler somehow managed to get rid of his addiction.

He said this about his addiction: “I used to cause pain to my family, my children, and my friends.”

10. Samuel L. Jackson


No one wanted to cast Samuel L. Jackson after he completed his studies at the Faculty of Drama at the Morehouse College in Atlanta because he was a heavy drinker at the time. Jackson badly wanted to become a successful actor so he admitted himself into a rehab clinic in the 1980s.

11. Anthony Hopkins

Quds days

Anthony was a heavy drinker who lost many acting jobs due to his drunkenness. He has been sober for more than 40 years.

The event that made him stop drinking was when he woke up hungover at the wheel of his personal car. He didn’t know how that happened and that signalized him that his heavy drinking could put him in dangerous situations.

12. Adele


Adele’s career beginnings were tough because she had suffered from stage fright. To overcome her stage fright, Adele drank a lot. She even made quite a few appearances on stage while drunk.

She embarrassed herself for appearing on the stage drunk because she often forgot the lyrics to her songs. In 2009 Adele concluded that her alcoholism could ruin her career so she asked for medical help.

Today, Adele doesn’t drink and she leads a healthy lifestyle.

13. Angelina Jolie


Angelina said, “I did almost every type of drug in existence. Those were really dark times for me.”

She abused numerous substances but stopped with that on the set of “Lara Croft” movie.

14. Robert Downey Jr.

The Odyssey Online

Robert’s early life was dramatic because he was addicted to heroin and cocaine. He once got so high that he ran naked on the streets of Hollywood.

Robert luckily defeated his addiction after spending more than a year in prison.

15. Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst was a heavy ecstasy addict in the late 2000s. She luckily checked herself into a rehab center and is now “clean.”

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