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15 Things Americans Do That Are Actually Weird AF

15 Things Americans Do That Are Actually Weird AF

Every country is different, but America is especially unique because of these 15 things.

America is different than other countries, of course. Every country is unique, right? But America is weird to a LOT of countries, and here’s why:

1. Fake Cheese

What even is this stuff?

2. Gaps in Bathroom Stalls

I always was confused about this one too. How hard is it to make it like a normal door?

3. Ice Water

There’s nothing wrong with a nice glass of water in the summer, but even during the winter? It’s too cold! (Unless you live in the Southwest, in which case, keep drinking your cool water.)

4. Questionable Drinks

This stuff looks radioactive. Who would want that?

5. Imperial System

We Americans are so stubborn.

6. Medication Commercials

Gotta love side effects that are worse than the original ailment.

7. Money that Looks the Same

Apparently, other countries have currency in different colors, like Monopoly money!

8. Blasting the AC

Why do we need a coat at the office in the middle of summer? I can’t work under these conditions!

9. Bigger is Better

On one hand, we get more for our money. On the other hand, it’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic.

10. Beer at a Pharmacy

We’re supposed to get healthy things at a pharmacy! So how does beer and cigarettes make sense?

11. Different Laws for Different States

It’s so hard to keep up with all the laws for each state, especially when travelling.

12. Ads for Doctors

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get a recommendation for a doctor from a highway billboard.

13. Getting Carded, No Matter the Age

Some places card no matter how old you are. I mean, if you look young, then I understand. But for old people? What a waste of time.

14. Too Much

We have too many flavors and sizes of everything, according to other countries. I like the variety!

15. Sales Tax

All images sourced from Guff.com

They should include the sales tax in the listed price. Adding it at the end is so confusing!

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