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16 Photos Revealing The Essence Of Beautiful Life On Social Media

16 Photos Revealing The Essence Of Beautiful Life On Social Media

Perfection doesn't exist. All those perfect Instagram photos are a big lie!

People always strive to present their lives as perfect on social media. They often fake those perfect Instagram photos so that people would think they live the life of dreams. However, in reality, such people live the same mundane life as everyone else.

Here are some picture-perfect social media photos and the true essence behind them:

1. #Goodmorningworld


It seems that all Instagrammers wake up looking like Disney princesses after sleep…but the reality is very different.

2. Mila Kunis in Real Life

Social Media vs Real Life Instagram

Mila can say that she looks perfect, but that photo proves that she only looks on fleek on Instagram.

3. The Pool


When you add effects to your pool pictures, everything looks perfect!

4. Girl’s Nightout


The reality of girls’ night outs is much different than girls’ night out pics on Instagram.

5. Picture-Perfect Surfing


Picture-perfect surfing photos are one big fat lie!

6. Getting so Wasted Tonight!


Well, good luck with getting wasted with those miniature alcohol bottles!

7. Bae’s Car

© Gracie‏/twitter

She could have at least make this Instagram photo less fake.

8. An Alluring Bum

© imgur

Hot on Instagram, but a Not in real life.

9. Hot Selfie

© soynormalvale/twitter

This is how girls prepare to take that hot selfie…

10. Abstract Photos

© Hernandez Dreamphography /facebook

…and this is how those abstract photos are snapped.

11. Suspicious Wherabouts

© ry/twitter

Oh, the things people do to fake their whereabouts…

12. Pool Party

© Toni‏/twitter

You just snap that mobile pool from the right angle, and it will look like an actual pool!

13. The Same Trash Every Day


Just a little bit less trashy with the help of photo effects…

14. “The sun is shining in NYC!”

© Katie Siewert‏/twitter

That’s a great way to let your friends know how it’s sunny in New York City!

15. Brave on Instagram…


…but a coward in real life.

16. That Cleveage


Or should we say those legs?

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