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17 Ways To Make The Most Of What's Left Of Summer

17 Ways To Make The Most Of What's Left Of Summer

To quote the great Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun in “The Notebook” ― “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.”

Like Noah and Ali’s iconic love story, summer lives on in the hearts of those who believe.

Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean it will physically.

But despite back-to-school displays, fall clothing drops and the faint, imminent waft of pumpkin spice lattes in the air, there are still plenty of weeks of warm weather left and with them, plenty of opportunities to soak up as much summer as possible. 

There are things to cook, things to wear, things to eat and places to be ― and you don’t even have to work up a sweat to find them. Sit back in your beach chair, relax and check out 17 ways to squeeze every remaining moment out of summer below. 

1. Channel your inner Obama with a sarong.


Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama were spotted on vacation in Bali in June following proper etiquette by covering up in matching sarongs before entering a Balinese temple, but they would look cute at the beach, too, no? 

2. Or take a cue from Hillary Clinton in a dressed-up caftan. 


Clinton spoke to our comfort-obsessed souls in August when she wore a dressed-up caftan to a wedding in New York City. 

3. Enjoy a Moscow mule with the confidence that no, it won’t poison you. 


After a nasty rumor swept the internet implying that those Pinterest-worthy copper mugs the beverage is typically served in could be poisonous, Trisha Andrew, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMass Amherst (thankfully) debunked the claims. Cheers!

4. Wipe away your boob sweat woes with this genius towel bra invention.


The Ta Ta Towel was dreamed up as a solution to boob sweat while getting ready in the summer, but is pretty much ideal for any hanging-out-at-home-in-the-summer situation. 

5. Use the heat as an excuse to work out in the air conditioning. 


A study released in July stated that working out outside might not be giving you better results than working out inside. Bring on the A.C.!

6. Give your thighs the chafing stick they deserve.

Chafing sticks changed our lives, and they could change yours too. Say goodby to the days of discomfort and walk freely through the summer with one of these life-saving solutions

7. Say “arrivederci” to your responsibilities and visit this gorgeous Italian hot spring. 


Terme di Saturnia is a hot spring in Tuscany that, at temperatures nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit, is simultaneously hot and too cool. Not to mention, it’s completely free to visit (well, once you get there, of course). Andiamo! 

8. Impress your friends with your brain freeze expertise. 


Ice cream and summer go hand in hand, which means brain freeze does, too. But what is brain freeze, exactly? It’s basically a headache that happens as a result of a drastic change in temperature in the part of your throat that is connected to your brain tissue. (Frozen) mind blown. 

 9. Savor every last kernel of that sweet summer corn. 


Behold, 24 ways to get more of that sweet, starchy, summery goodness into soups, salads and more. 

10. Wear your love of avocado close to your heart. 


You’ll be a smash hit at the beach in this eerily realistic rendering of an avocado on a one-piece bathing suit from Beloved, on sale now for $49.95. 

11. Take your sunscreen application into the future. 


Sunscreen booths are popping up in parks and in hotels around the country, which promise, for a few dollars and 10 seconds of your time, complete coverage in a range of SPF levels. Staying safe in the sun has never been so easy and mess-free.  

12. Stop draining your bank account on cold brew and learn to make your own.


There’s nothing like a cold brew coffee in the summer, but making it yourself can seem daunting. These step-by-step instructions make the whole thing a bit less bitter to swallow, and will leave you with delicious, buzzy cold brew right at home. Your tired eyes and wallet will thank you. 

13. Get your own version of Michelle Obama’s perfectly summer pink dress.


We know, we know, two FLOTUS sightings on one list. But she’s been living it up this summer, including in this delightful Tanya Taylor dress, and it’s only right to provide the masses with their opportunity to do the same. 

14. Host an epic dinner party. 


We’re not saying you shouldn’t be hosting dinner parties all year round, we’re just saying summer foods are the most fun to serve. Here are a few great recipes that will impress the pants off of your friends. 

15. Reclaim your right to enjoy a wine spritzer. 


Wine spritzers are a bit polarizing (who would want to water down their delicious wine?). But spritzers are undoubtedly refreshing, especially when they involve things like fresh fruit and rosé. Yum.  

16. Protect yo’self. 


The summer sun is strong, and with it comes the risk of sun damage. Stay in the know not just for the summer months but all year round by finding out which body parts are most vulnerable to the sun ― and how to protect them. 

17. Show your feet some love. 


Pedicure season is the perfect time to show off your feet, so why not do so in a pair of shoes that you can walk around in all day? Check out our picks for cute sandals that won’t make your feet bleed. 

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