18 Legends Captured Recently In Wal-Mart


These hilarious people should be Walmart's mascots...

Walmart is the meeting point of some of the funniest people on the planet. Walmart people are truly a race of their own. Here are 18 hilarious-looking legends who made Walmart shoppers’ day:

1. Beach Lady

Aunty Acid

Lady, you’re at Walmart, not at the beach!

2. Trying Out New Clothes

People of Walmart

You’ve got a changing room for that!

3. So Hot!


The only question is: Is it a he or a she?

4. Half-Human, Half-Leopard

People of Walmart

These two just escaped the zoo!

5. That Hairstyle…

Aunty Acid

…is wicked!

6. Demon

Aunty Acid

Demons also stop by at Walmart…

7. Thong Lady

Aunty Acid

Ma’am, thongs aren’t supposed to be worn that way.

8. Haute Couture

Aunty Acid

Haute couture pieces aren’t convenient for Walmart!

9. Elvis’ Grandpa

Aunty Acid

Is this grandpa Elvis’ grandpa or Johnny Bravo’s grandfather?

10. Watching You


I got my eyes on you…

11. Redneck Nana

Aunty Acid

Nana came to Walmart to buy some candy for her precious little girl, but she forgot to dress properly.

12. Dirty Underwear

Aunty Acid

Someone needs a shower and a laundry machine!

13. What’s That?

People of Walmart

It’s a dinosaur woman!

14. Those Platforms…

Aunty Acid

…are too damn trashy!

15. A Model-to-Be

Aunty Acid

She had her first photoshooting in Walmart!

16. The Plank

Aunty Acid

She planks like a pro!

17. Fox News Should Have Captured This Fox on Camera

Aunty Acid

What does the fox say? Maybe this man knows that!

18. LOL

Aunty Acid

Hey, lady, you have something hanging down your pants!

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