21 Of The Funniest Tweets From People With Vaginas This Week

Twitter is a beautiful and magical place where, in 140 characters or less, women are changing the world. Ok fine, maybe not always “changing the world,” but definitely making solid jokes about our boobs.


I've never driven off a cliff but I did just catch eyes with a teenaged girl during her selfie session

— Charlene deGuzman (@charstarlene) October 5, 2017


the other day a bartender told me his high school did a performance of RENT where they couldn't say AIDS so all the characters had diabetes

— Chelsea Fagan (@Chelsea_Fagan) October 6, 2017


One thing I love about leaving NYC is how I save $100 a minute

— may wilkerson (@shutupmay) October 5, 2017


RIP to all the pedophiles in their early 20s i used to meet on AIM when i was a kid man u guys should've been arrested & were all named Tony

— ƒLane Mooreƒ (@hellolanemoore) October 6, 2017


I will never stop being amazed by how much I am capable of eating

— GigiEngle (@GigiEngle) October 7, 2017

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