21 Times Tumblr Feminists Got Really Real

21 Times Tumblr Feminists Got Really Real

Like any other place on the Internet, Tumblr can range from dark and scary to downright enlightening. Sure, “Tumblr feminists” have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but that’s super dumb because these ladies are hilarious and real AF. Seriously, they get it.

See for yourself!


1. When they pointed out this paradox:


2. When they described the ultimate “safe space:”

feminist lesbian witchcraft lair cross stitch

3. When they beautifully illustrated this common problem:


4. When they basically summed up dating/talking to/being near a man:


5. When they offered this guide to standing up for yourself and other women:

things to learn to say to men

CREDIT: Tumblr @itsnotjustpms


6. When they said these things that are incredibly true, like wow, goddamn, it’s so real:


7. When they perfectly described the patriarchy (and how men don’t seem to get it):


8. When they had this horrifying realization:

a woman's place is servitude post

CREDIT: Tumblr @itsnotjustpms


9. When they corrected this meme:


10. When they called out Hollywood and weren’t even a little wrong:


11. When they had me pretty f*cking shook, tbh, but also weirdly empowered:

Women belittled do what you want meme

CREDIT: Tumblr @spankingfreshmemes


12. When they dropped the damn mic about female comedians:


13. When they gave these familiar photographs super accurate captions:


14. When they summed up what we are all thinking:


15. When they called “anti-feminists” the f*ck OUT:


16. And when they did it again:


17. When they showed why men need feminism, too:


18. When they perfectly captured this struggle:



19. And this struggle:

male hatred vs female fear post

CREDIT: Tumblr @starwhale-song



men vs women talking too much

CREDIT: Tumblr @itsjustpms




21. And, of course, when they knew the MFing truth:


Now, go out and smash that patriarchy, ladies! LMK how it goes.


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