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22 Gorgeous Stunt Doubles Who Put The Actors To Shame

22 Gorgeous Stunt Doubles Who Put The Actors To Shame

The world needs more Tom Hardy’s, Emilia Clarke’s, and Chris Hemsworths, right? Actors need stunt doubles for films, and those doubles have to be exact copies of themselves. We have compiled a list of the twenty two hottest male and female stunt doubles, with their acting counterparts. You will get a real look at who you are really watching on screen when these characters are doing cool flips, crazy stunts, jumping into thin air or saving the world

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tanoai Reed

We all agree that you can never replace The Rock but you can clone him. On the right is Dwayne’s stuntman, Tanoai Reed. Its surprising that they were able to find a lookalike that was so muscly. Lucky for us, they found Tanoai. He is actually the Rock’s cousin. They have the same smile, same nose, even the same jaw shape.

Nicole Kidman And Alicia Vela-Bailey

Alicia Vela-Bailey is Nicole Kidman's stunt double and the is just as gorgeous as Nicole. Alicia Vela-Bailey is like a chameleon, because she has played Nicole's stunt double in several movies. Even though she is slightly shorter than Nicole, and has to dye her hair for certain roles, the resemblance is definitely there.The casting-manager did a great job on this double.

Tom Hardy And Jacob Tomuri

Meet Jacob Tomuri, the handsome man who plays Tom Hardy’s stunt double in the movie Mad Max. There are actually two Tom Hardys in the world. Jacob Tomuri is an exact replica of the heart throb. Its definitely impossible to tell these two apart in the film.

Megan Fox and Carino Marcus

Megan Fox is the one on the left while her hot stunt double is sitting on the right. Carino Marcus, her stunt double is making the internet freak out! They look so much alike. This photo of her on the bicycle suddenly appeared all over the internet and everyone was talking about her. All this time, we have not been realizing that we were watching all of this time as Megan Fox's double.

Chris Hemsworth And Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland Hanton should be known as the "real" Thor. This is because he is the one actually doing all the crazy tricks and power moves. Although we all love Chris Hemsworth and think hes amazingly good looking, Hanton is extremely good looking and we are surprised he hasn't stolen the spotlight from Hemsworth.

Margot Robbie And Ingrid Kleinig

We are all obsessed with actress Margo Robbie, but when we found out she had a hot stunt double who does all that crazy stuff, we were thrilled! This is Ingrid Kleinig, the unbelievably stunning actress who worked as Margo’s movie double.

Johnny Depp And Tony Angelotti

These two are hard to pick apart. They both look ridiculously like Captain Jack Sparrow. There is a lot of action and sword fighting in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Johnny Depp doesn’t actually do it all. You are actually watching Tony Angelotti (who is on the left) fighting off all those pirates. Even out of their costumes, the two could pass as brothers.

Adrianne Palicki And Alicia Vela-Bailey

Although this TV movie wasnt successful, we cannot forget about these two beauties. Adrianna and her equally stunning stunt double, Alicia, took a lot of bumps to bring the DC legend to life.

Mark Wahlberg And Dan Mast

In the Transformers movie, Transformers Age Of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg plays the Dad we all have a crush on. His stunt double thought, Dan Mast, is the very handsome man who is the stunt man of the movie. It's a surprise that they haven’t cast Dan Mast in any movies of his own yet.

Carrie Fisher And Tracy Eddon

This wonderful behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Star Wars Episode VI shows Carrie Fisher and her stunt double Tracy Eddon. These two could definitely pass as sisters if not twins!

Andrew Garfield and William Spencer

Since spiderman wears a bodysuit outfit, it isn’t quite as important for the stunt double to look exactly like the actor. That doesn’t make Andrew Garfield’s double any less hot.

Emelia Clarke And Rosie Mac

Emelia Clarke has a stunt double, who literally looks just like her as Daenerys. When Daenerys is there jumping on dragons and doing cool stuff, it’s not Emelia Clarke, but Rosie Mac. It was hard to find a photo of each of them that didn’t look like they were already the same person. Rosie Mac is her incredibly beautiful stunt double.

Melissa Benoist and Shauna Duggins

Are Melissa Benoist and Shauna Duggins twins? No, but Shauna is Melissa's beautiful stunt double. Bonoist plays Supergirl in the namesake Netflix show. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s super hard to tell who is the actress and who is the stunt double in this photo.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sophia Crawford

The woman on the right is Sarah. On the left is Sophia Crawford, Sarah's awesome double from London. Sarah played the lead role in a TV show with Sophia for 144 episodes. It’s pretty cool to think we were actually watching Sophia a lot of the time.

Jaimie Alexander And Ky Furneaux

The TV series Blindspot happens to be a pretty fierce crime thriller, and apart from the fact that both actresses have to spend several hours every week getting insane adhesive temporary tattoos. Both Jaimie Alexander and her stunt double Ky Furneaux look super similar.

Mark Ruffalo And Anthony Molinari

This photo was taken backstage on set during filming of the movie Now You See Me 2. It is difficult to figure out who the real Ruffalo is. On the left is Anthony Molinari, a stunt performer who somehow looks identical to Mark Ruffalo, who is on the right.

Lynda Carter And Jeannie Epper

Jeannie Epper is Lynda’s stunt double. In the photo you can see Jeannie carrying Lynda. Both Wonder Women look like they are having a great time together. The original Wonder Woman is now in her sixties!

Colin Firth And Rick English

Colin Firth wasn’t the only “Kingsman” playing the part of Harry Hart. He was a double agent in more than the normal sense, because of his stunt man Rick English. Rick was a part of all of those incredible action fights that made Colin Firth look like a total bad ass!

Faye Marsay And Casey Michaels

Starring in Game Of Thones, Faye Marsay has geeks very happy to hear that she has just been announced as the next Doctor Who. Her stunt double Casey Michaels will most likely be right next to her through the film.

Robert Pattinson And Paul Darnell

Well, if you didn’t notice, Robert Pattinson might be super hot, but it was Paul Darnell who was the real vampire jumping around and doing all those cool stunts we saw on screen. So, who is the real Edward Cullen now? Perhaps all those R-Pattz fans will start going crazy for Darnell too. It’s good to know there are two Edward Cullen look-a-likes out there!

Gerard Butler and Ele Bardha

We all wish we could clone 300’s Gerard Butler, but we may not have to. His stunt double, Ele Bardha looks almost identical. Ele Bardha has his own acting career, but he also works as a stunt double, and doubled for Gerard in Machine Gun Preacher.

Kate Beckinsale and Alicia Vela-Bailey

Kate Beckinsale has a gorgeous stunt double, Alicia Vela-Bailey. The two look exactly the same!



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