Tuesday, 17 September 2019

22 Hilariously Misleading Things That Will Make You Look Twice

22 Hilariously Misleading Things That Will Make You Look Twice

Pretty much everyone has experienced the phenomenon of seeing things that aren’t really there. This type of illusion is called pareidolia, and it tricks our brains into perceiving familiar shapes in the strangest of places.

Bright Side decided to collect a few of the most hilarious objects we can easily confuse with something completely unrelated at first glance.

Grandma caterpillar putting on her lipstick.

"I love you, Mommy!"

Now that’s an air guitar!

Snow cat

"Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up..."

"Waiter, there is a frog in my coffee."

This moisturizer looks like the Michelin Man begging for mercy.

An alien taking the bus.

"Oh! I think I hear the recycling truck!"

Feisty ninja leaf.

"Take me! Take me!"

Faceplant. Just where do they grow these?

This mop is all smiles.

Is that cat hair in my fried egg?

This surveillance cam is about to kick some butt.

"Please, don’t hurt me!"

Looks like someone baked a hamster into this muffin.

This washing machine is sick of spinning laundry.

"Ouch! Take it out!"

"I was trying to buy a new pair of shoes, but I think I made a misteak."

A car smoking a cigarette and using a selfie stick.

Love is everywhere. Can you see it?

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