Sunday, 25 August 2019

24 Gross Things That Makes Every Woman Cringe Without Fail

24 Gross Things That Makes Every Woman Cringe Without Fail

We women have a lot of great things in our lives, but we also have some unfortunate things.

There are many, many benefits to being a woman, like our beauty, and our intelligence.

But there’s also some drawbacks, like bleeding monthly, the wage gap, or creepy guys hitting on us. (Are there creepy girls that hit on men? I’ve never heard of one.)

In addition to those, here are some everyday things that we woman all deal with and suffer from:

1. Getting your bum stuck on chairs when you’re wearing a skirt

2. Burning yourself with the straightener

3. Pulling out your tampon dry

4. Pubic hair growing back out–so itchy!

5. Wedgies!

6. Long hair

7. Ripping your hair out with the hairband

8. Blisters from your new shoes

9. Damp pants from no toilet paper 

10. Missing a spot when you shave

11. Chafing inner thighs

12. Those spots before the pimple comes out

13. Scratching Spot

14. Eyelashes in your eyeballs

15. Cutting your nails too short

16. Accidentally sticking your pad to your pubic hair

17. Glasses stuck in your hair

18. Farting in Public

19. Plucking your skin instead of a hair

20. Putting a tampon in dry–ouch

21. Sweaty bras

22. Ingrown hairs, especially in the pubic area

23. Sneezing while your mascara is still wet

24. Poking your eyeball with the mascara brush!

All pictures sourced from Aunty Acid.

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