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30 Cringe Worthy Celebrity Halloween Costumes

30 Cringe Worthy Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning this year's costume! Although your options may be endless, there are a few things you should probably avoid. These celebrities should have thought twice before going out in public in their costumes. From being culturally insensitive to downright uncreative, these are the worst celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.

Heidi Klum As Goddess Kali

Heidi's Halloween costumes are normally phenomenal. When she decided to dress up as the Hindu Goddess Kali in 2008, she might have taken things a bit too far. There were some people who took huge offense to her costume and requested a formal apology from the model. The fact that she dressed as a sacred figure definitely did not go over too well.

Snooki As A Missing Child

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is a mom and fitness enthusiast nowadays. Back in her Jersey Shore days, she was not known for her decision-making skills. One Halloween she put a milk carton on her head to celebrate Halloween as a missing child. As you can imagine, several people had issues with her costume.

Perez Hilton as Miley Cyrus

This costume might be a bit too over the top but it is on point! He perfectly captured Miley's look in his Halloween costume.

Chris Brown And Friends As Taliban

Chris kind of apologized for his costume saying he did not mean to offend anyone by dressing up as Arabs. It should come as no surprise that Chris Brown, the king of horrible decisions, is behind one of the most offensive Halloween costumes in Hollywood. In 2012, the singer and his friends took to the town dressed as armed Taliban soldiers.

Jason Biggs As Dorothy

The Orange Is the New Black actor put his own spin on the Wizard of Oz character. He paired Dorothy's trademark dress and braids with red sneakers. He was most likely trying to be funny, but it just came off a little weird.

Paris Hilton As A Bunny

Paris Hilton went as a bunny one Halloween. This costume didn't take much effort as she looked as if she just wore her underwear with some bunny ears. She is known for her terrible selection of costumes which range from the awful to offensive. We aren’t 100% sure that she has actually even dressed up for Halloween in this photo, as it isn’t that far away from her normal day-to-day clothes!!

Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh As Native American and Pilgrim

Hilary Duff thought this would be a cute couples costume for Halloween. In the end she realized it was a horrible decision after she got backlash from her costume choice. Duff and Walsh later apologized for the poor decision.

Adrianne Curry as Amy Winehouse

The America's Next Top Model winner did not win any praise from her Amy Winehouse costume. In 2009 her controversial costume made headlines as she decided to poke fun at the British singer's addiction issues by including a syringe and belt around her arm. Winehouse famously died of a drug overdose just two years later.

Fergie As Honey Boo Boo

Everyone was unsure what Fergie was going for with this costume. Maybe toddler in tiaras or Honey Boo Boo? Either way she shoud have thought twice about this costume.

Rihanna As Marijuana

The same year her now ex-boyfriend caused a frenzy, Rhianna caused her own controversy as she dressed up as marijuana for Halloween. She even carried a weed bouquet.

Julianne Hough As Crazy Eyes

Julianne wanted her Halloween costume to reflect her fondness for Orange Is The New Black and Uzo Asuba's character. Her costume took it a little too far by doing blackface along with an orange prison jumpsuit. She released an apology afterwards saying it was not her intention to be disrespectful.

Lucy Hale as the Twitter Bird

Who knew Lucy Hale loved DIY. She shined bright in her blue twitter costume reminding many of a blue smurf.

Leann Rimes As White Trash

LeAnn's Halloween costume consisted of her wearing a wedding dress with a baby bump holding cigarettes and a beer can. This left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. She did caption her photo explaining they did not condone anything happening in the picture but that did not help much.

Matt Lauer As Pamela Anderson

Matt Lauer thought that a Pamela Anderson costume was a great idea but after the fact she admitted it was not the best look on him.

Ashley Tisdale As A Sugar Skull

Many people called out Ashley Tisdale's Sugar Skull costume for cultural appropriation.Sugar skulls are part of Mexican culture, and Tisdale angered fans by dressing as one.

Ashley Benson as Cecil the Lion

Even though we all know that Harambe is probably going to be one of the biggest costumes of 2016, Ashley Benson faced backlash last year for dressing up as a famously slain animal.

Lance Bass As A Scary Clown

The former NSync star pulled off the clown outfit pretty well but when it came to his clown makeup it was a major fail. His face makeup tuned him into a mix of frightening and downright creepy.

Scott Disick As An Arab Sheik

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Scott Disick is used to being the center of attention. One of his most unsettling decisions was when he dressed as an Arab sheik for Halloween in 2014. It drew a lot of push back from the general public.

Tori Spelling As A Peacock

There are quite a few things that are off about this costume. Maybe it's the tutu, the strange makeup, or the dark wig. We can all agree that this is not Tori's best look. We are definitely not sure why the wig had to be included in this peacock costume.

Katy Perry As Frosty The Snowman

While this snowman costume is great, it seems like she didn't think about how she would use the restroom in this monstrous get up. This picture is proof that Katy Perry can look hot regardless of which she is dressed in!

Lily Allen As Dr. Luke

Lily Allen has never shied away from speaking her mind and being bold. The British singer took things too far on Halloween in 2014 when she used her costume to mock the sexual assault trial that Ke$ha filed against her producer Dr. Luke. This costume wasn't received well at all.

John Stamos As A Devil

Its surprising how lazy John Stamos was with this costume. He couldn't think of anything else more creative than a red shirt, face paint, and some cheap stick-on horns? Although he looks great, we would have loved to see him try a little harder.

Ryan Seacrest As The Phantom Of The Opera

Zero thought or effort went into this costume idea. Ryan literally just threw on a mask with his suit. The Phantom of The Opera was trendy 20+ years ago, get with the times Ryan!

Tia Mowry As A Geisha

You know Tia Mowry from the Disney show Sister, Sister. She made headlines a couple of years back for the wrong reasons by dressing up as a geisha for Halloween. The costume was slammed for appropriating Asian culture.

Prince Harry as a Nazi

One of the most famous Halloween costume controversies to ever occur was when Prince Harry was spotted wearing a Nazi soldier uniform. The shockingly insensitive costume made international headlines.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt

While it was pretty hilarious that Heidi and Spencer Pratt dressed up as TLC exes John and Kate Gosselin, many saw it as tasteless. They rounded out their costume with eight baby dolls, and an Ed Hardy shirt. Hmm, we are not convinced!

Kim Kardashian As A Mermaid

Between the messy wig and the skin tight green skirt, this is probably the most obnoxious mermaid costume out there.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris As Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus

Hef and his 27 year old wife made an unfortunate decision to portray Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus.

Snookie As The Wizard Of Oz

There is not much to say about this costume. Is she a pea? or a Wizard? Either way this costume was a major Fail.

Taylor Swift As A Unicorn

This is the saddest unicorn/pegasus hybrid we have ever seen.

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