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7 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar

7 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar

Spotting a liar has never been easier... Did you know that almost 80% of lies people tell to other people go undetected? That’s because people don’t know how to spot a liar when he’s deceiving, but there are a couple of ways how one can spot a liar.

These are 7 foolproof ways to spot a deceiver:

1. Swearing Too Much


A liar will always swear to a couple of things to prove he’s innocent. He’ll say something like this which is a telltale sign he’s lying to you: “I swear to God Almighty, on my grandparents’ grave, and on a stack of Bibles that I didn’t do that.”

Beware of such people who use “hyper-swearing” to defend themselves.

2. Body Language

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You can lie, but your body can’t! Liars’ do several things with their bodies when they are lying to you. For example, a person who’s lying will almost always pull their body inward to go unnoticed. Liars also have a tendency to shrug their shoulders or cover their mouth while demeaning you.

3. Micro-Facial Expressions

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You can lie with your tongue, but your face never lies! People who lie always express certain micro-facial expressions while they are demeaning someone. These facial expressions are almost always subtle and hard to notice.

However, we’ll mention some of them. A liar will always show off these micro-facial expressions while lying: blinking rapidly, perspiring slightly, flaring nostrils, and biting lip.

4. Changing Head Position

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If someone changes their head position all of a sudden when asked a question, they are most likely about to tell you a lie. A liar will most often jerk their head or bow it down when asked a direct question.

5. Too Much Information

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Liars always give out too much information that is often unnecessary. They bring out excessive details hoping that someone would believe to their story because, you know, details sound genuine.

6. Eye Contact

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There are two types of liars, the ones who avoid eye contact when telling a line and ones who literally stare into your eyes when lying.

You can be certain that a person lies to you if it stares directly into your eyes, without blinking even once.

7. Pointing


When a liar starts to realize you are slowly figuring out his lies, he will become aggressive and hostile, which will result in a lot of pointing at you or at other things.

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