7-Year Old Girl Receives Implants For Upcoming Christmas, Parents Are Getting Bombarded With Abuse For Sharing Her Photos

A pre-teen girl just recently go breast implants. People are so mad at the girl's parents...

Meet Juliet Manson, a 7-year-old girl from California. Although she’s only 7, her Christmas wishes are something only a grown-up woman could wish for. Unlike her peers who wanted a Barbie doll for Christmas, Juliet wanted breast implants!


Juliet’s parents found her wishes bizarre. They tried everything to make her forget about her dream of getting breast implants but to no avail. Juliet was a hard nut to crack.

“She would ask us multiple times a day, every day,” Dana told NBC. “There was nothing in the world that she wanted more than having melons.”

Juliet’s mom even consulted Eduardo Ramirez, a specialist in psychiatry, about her daughter’s bizarre Christmas wish.


Dr. Ramirez diagnosed Juliet with severe depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. He told Juliet’s mom that only breast augmentation could improve Juliet’s mental state.

Dana Manson knew she had to acquiesce to her daughter’s bizarre Christmas wish.


She contacted several clinics in the USA and Mexico which perform plastic surgery to admit her daughter on a breast augmentation surgery. However, all of the clinics Dana contacted weren’t willing to enlarge a 7-year-old girl’s breasts.

Dana, desperate, contacted a plastic surgery clinic in Hangzhou, China. They gave green light to Dana and Juliet.

The mother and daughter left for China three days before Christmas. The surgery was performed on December 24th. It took the surgeons only 2 hours to enlarge Juliet’s melons.

Juliet Manson now has a 30c cup size.


Many people criticize both Juliet’s parents and her psychiatrist for allowing her to get her bizarre Christmas wish fulfilled.

Despite heavy criticism, Dana Manson says she did what was best for her beloved daughter.

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