8 Bra Tricks Few Girls Know About

Every woman should know these bra tips and tricks... Is the bra one of your biggest enemies? Well, not anymore! These bra tips and tricks will ease your life:

1. Making a strapless bra out of regular bra


Take a bra strap and hook on the back of the bra you want to make strapless on one side. Then, bring the strap around your back and hook it on the other side of your bra.

2. Proper Bra Storing


You should never store your bras in such a way where one cup is inserted into the other one. That can only make your bra clumpy and bumpy. Instead, store your bras with both of their cups open.

3. Pinning Bra Straps


To pin your bra straps temporarily, you’ll only need a paperclip. Thanks to this trick, you won’t have to buy bra clips or racer back bras anymore!

4. Protecting Your Bras


If you’re traveling somewhere, you obviously need to bring your bras with you, right? To protect your bras from getting damaged, purchase a modeled cup container.

This container will protect the bra’s wiring and the bra from getting bent out.

5. Drying Your Bras

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Once your bras have washed, lay them flat to air dry. Never hang your bras to air dry and never put them in the drying machine!

6. Preventing Straps Tugging


Do bra straps always dig into your shoulders and cause pain? Not anymore with one genius trick. To prevent them from digging into your shoulders, just slide bra pads under your bra’s straps!

7. Bra in the Laundry Machine


Don’t just throw away that bra in your laundry machine! They will lose their form in the washing machine if not protected. To protect your bras from getting damaged in the washing machine, consider purchasing a plastic ball in which you can put your bra before washing.

8. Fixing an Underwire Bra

If you have an underwire bra that does nothing but poking you, there’s no need to throw it away. You only need some moleskin padding to fix that underwire bra that pokes you.

Glue some moleskin padding around the hole where the bra wire is, and you won’t be poked anymore!

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