A British spacecraft which disappeared as it approached Mars in search of alien life has been spotted on the planet's surface.

A spacecraft thought to have mysteriously disappeared many years ago as it journeyed to Mars in search of alien life has been recovered. The Beagle 2 was presumed to have been destroyed because it had not been seen or heard from since December 2003.

The spacecraft was not wholly destroyed but exceptionally dehrydrated and suffering from severe exhaustion. After several days of care and rest, the space craft managed to explain its disappearance. 'I was all set for the voyage but then I was offered an internship which I was assured was practically the same thing.'

Though there were no aliens present in the enterprize, however the spacecraft assured officials that it was not a waste of time as he had never encountered such revolutionary, extraterrestrial behavior.

"I have never seen the human mind go to such lengths to maintain the facade that my input was useful despite the abundance of evidence that suggested otherwise. I had initially signed up for six months with the promise of a weekly increase in trips to Mars but having spent 11 years in the venue working towards a goal that never surfaced, I can safely deduce that I was hypnotized. I think we needn't travel to Mars to find aliens as there are plenty living amongst us in the UK.'

To add to his claim that aliens residing on earth had convinced him to partake in this laborious, unfruitful internship the employers were never seen or heard from again after the internship ended. The Beagle 2 says the main result of his voyage has been a loss of ambition.

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