A Case Study on Wedding Decisions

[Averge marital life 30 years]

Marige expenses - $10,000
Monthly expenses -$2,000
Wifes monthly maintainence -$1,000

SEX First 5 years- Weekly 3 Times.
Next 5 years - Weekly 1 Time.
Next 10 years -Once in 15 days.
Next 10 years -Once a month.

*1400 times sex in 30 years* for an estimated expenditure of $1,080,000 + 10,000 spent on wedding @ 7% for 30 years as per current Fixed Deposit Interest rate
= $3,500,000


A Man spends $2,500 each time he has Sex with his Wife.

*Outsourcing is cheaper!*

Who would you rather spend the night with?
Amazing Cat Want To Mate With Chicken

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