Sunday, 22 September 2019

A&E Anyone?

A&E Anyone?

Another day and more hospitals reporting crisis status. But don't worry the government are on the case, pulling doctors and other health officials out of the hard pressed understaffed hospitals to have a talk about it. Yep, that will do it, that's what we need a lot of doctors around the table with a lot of windbags while the queues at the hospitals get longer. At least it keeps us here at CatchupNews.org in business!

Meanwhile the price of oil is dropping and we are all getting giddy at the pumps as we anticipate the extra money that will be bulging out of our wallets. And taking a break from the NHS, the government are warning that those who have until now been using the price of fuel as their particular excuse to rip us off, had better stop it or be in big trouble and probably sent to bed with no supper.

Still at least the banking sector seems to be on top of things. Well, not exactly. Recent documents have shows that The Bank of England was completely oblivious of the impending tsunami of the financial crisis up to a month before it happened. Probably escaped their notice as they sat sipping sherry before lunch, after lunch and apparently during the morning and the afternoon too. How can that possibly be? Maybe we need to get them in with the windbags and the doctor’s around a table so that we can put the final nail in the coffin. Now there’s a thought. Well whatever happens, CatchupNews will be there to report it!

Meanwhile the TV has been offering us Benefits – Too Fat to Work. But are they too fat to waddle to A&E? Maybe that is the answer; feed us up more until we can't get into hospital or even into an ambulance. The nose clothes patent is in! Catch up with you tomorrow!

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