Wednesday, 13 November 2019

A husband gets home drunk at 4am and knocks on the door....


Wife: Go back to where you are coming from with your whores!!
Husband: Open the door please, or I will throw myself into the swimming pool.
Wife: Go ahead and kill yourself, do you think I care?
So the Husband stands near the dark part of the deck, waited for 2 minutes. Then he took a big stone and threw it into the swimming pool.
His wife heard the loud splash, opened the door quickly and ran towards the swimming pool.
Husband then quickly sneaked into the house and locked the door.
Wife: Open the door!!!! Or else I will shout!!!!
Husband said Shout, shout loudly, till all the neighbors wake up and come over here. Then I want you to tell them where you are coming from at this time of the night wearing only a panty and bra!

Husband 1- Wife 0..

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