Tuesday, 17 September 2019

A prankster jumped into the water during Tom Daley's World Series Diving final

A prankster jumped into the water during Tom Daley's World Series Diving final

Catchup News brings you reports that Tom Daley may well have taken home a Gold medal from the World Series Diving Championships this weekend but it was another er, diver, who stole the headlines.Yes, as the 20-year-old Olympic bronze medallist battled his way to 10m board glory, it was a 26-year-old student from Gravesend who caused an even bigger splash, and like, totally upstaging him.

Jokester Dan Jarvis was able to strip down to his Speedo’s and evade security staff as he made his way up to the 10m board at the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford and launch himself hastily into the water below. According to those attending the event, Jarvis’ dash to the board initially received some cheers but they quickly turned to by boos from an unimpressed audience and the competition was further delayed after the prankster’s keys had to be fished out of the pool. What a moron eh.

Speaking to The Telegraph about his prank, Jarvis told reporters that he had been fined £90 for his stunt under a public order offence. He added: “It was just a bit of fun. The guy who was getting ready to dive on the top board was laughing at me.” As we all are. Laughing at you, not with you. More from Catchup News after we bomb.

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