Friday, 19 July 2019

Amazon invests in self-driving deliverance vehicles


The world's most famous internet-based retailer decided to fund a new Silicon-Valley based company, focused on developing autonomous vehicle technology. Amazon backed the idea with additional funding that could help the company's researchers solve the fundamentally hard problem of self-driving vehicles. But Amazon also has other interests for backing up the project – not only do they want to improve their logistics and shortcuts strategies, they also want to bring the question of autonomy of the vehicles and goods they sell to a completely different level.

"Here at Amazon, we're all about the triumph of will. So not only do we want to see our deliverance trucks and other vehicles driving on their own, we also want to give the goods and products the will to act on their own, and end up with someone they legitimately chose. For example, not only you will receive your online orders in a timely manner and with no damage signs, but you will also get the product without any order whatsoever! That way the total mileage and the time-span from the moment of you thinking and googling something, to the moment of deliverance are basically non-existent, for the two are instantaneous. In addition, your own wallet is also going to behave autonomously, and will be paying for these autonomous expenses without you even noticing it. Now, how great is that?! We're giving things their own will, and we feel so great about it."

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