Amazon will create and sell enough organic food for everyone at affordable prices


Jeff Bezos wants to expand his business to a quite unexpected area – for a tech company –  creating and selling organic food. The rising popularity of natural food in America convinced the adroit entrepreneur that the market yearns for cheap and approachable organic food, and there's no better way for a basically web-based company than to grow organic veggies online.

The increasing demand for whole food made a gap between order and offer, with not enough attainable and price-friendly whole food for the wider population. But with Amazon in the game now, the problem is close to be  permanently  solved.

'The idea was to make a perfectly clean way to produce fruits and vegetables, in a perfectly controlled environment, and under strict organic regulations. And is there a better way than to do it than online? Because there isn't any physical pollution, unlike in the real world, except maybe trolls, but they can't hurt our products with the pointless noise they make, can't they? And also, the total number of calories consumed online is far beyond the red-alert one, which means, no matter how much you eat, you won't be gaining any weight that could endanger your health,' Bezos added. 'And it is scientifically proved that blazing colours and beautifully arranged pictures can also infuse endorphin to your brain, as if they were real,' 

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