Sunday, 15 September 2019

An owl that unleashed a reign of terror on an entire town for a year has finally been captured

An owl that unleashed a reign of terror on an entire town for a year has finally been captured

Catchup News hears today that a falconer has officially caught the aggressive eagle owl that has been terrorising a small Dutch town in the last year byway of attacking more than 50 people. After needing special permission to catch the protected species because its unusual behaviour posed such a danger to residents the local council is currently looking for a suitable place to release the bird. Catchup News would like to take this opportunity to remind the council that birds can fly.

A number of the attacks left victims needing hospital treatment as two runners ended up needing stitches for head wounds inflicted in a swooping aerial assault at the hands of the, er, bird’s talons.The bird has reportedly been circling from the sky without warning and gouging the flesh of the townsfolk for months now. “It was like having a brick laced with nails thrown at your head,” Niels Verkooijen - one of the victims - told the Dutch news programme Hart van Nederland.

The bird is one of the most common species of owl in the world, and is also the largest, with wingspans of over six feet recorded in some cases. It’s believed to be female – which are larger than male Eurasian eagle-owls. And as we all know, have a lot more reasons to be angry. Maybe she’s just angry at society. More from Catchup News if we dare to go outside.

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