Anyone Who Sees This Rare Eerie-Looking Fog In Real Life Should Run Away Fast

Driving in a heavy fog is very dangerous, but not many people know that fog can be fatal in other ways than by simply hindering visibility. Hungarian residents recently discovered this firsthand when a massive freezing fog fell down upon the countryside, turning all before it into icy sculptures. Though it looked like something out of a fantasy movie, it was real life—and it was really dangerous!

The Hungarian Meteorological Service took these remarkable photos of the rare event, and you have to see them to believe them!

What hit Hungary not too long ago began as any normal autumn fog, but rapidly changed. What followed looked like it could have been a scene out of the Disney film Frozen, but it was actually quite real—and quite dangerous.


As the temperature quickly began to drop—way past the point of a normal fog—the moisture started to freeze. What followed was a rare meteorological phenomenon that is both breathtakingly beautiful and seriously menacing.



This weather pattern, known as “frozen fog,” clings to everything in its path, freezing it solid. It can blanket an entire forest in a thick coating of ice, and it all happens in the blink of an eye…


These photos, which were snapped by the Hungarian Meteorological Service, show just how intense one of these freezing fogs can be. Imagine if you’d been standing in these woods when the fog rolled through? Yikes!



This doesn’t look safe one bit. Not only would it be nearly impossible for a driver to navigate the roadway safely, but it could be deadly to pedestrians and wildlife alike. It really looks like the White Walkers from Game of Thrones showed up, huh?


Despite the danger it poses, the freezing fog is undeniably beautiful. There’s an almost painting-like quality to some of these photos. Nature really can be gorgeous, even when it’s at its most perilous to us humans!



Freezing fog is essentially moisture that is super-cold and has come into contact with something. Water in the atmosphere, such as the water in fog, can actually remain a liquid even when exposed to temperatures much lower than the freezing mark.


It becomes freezing fog, however, when that liquid water comes into contact with an object; the object, of course, has been exposed to much colder air, so the surface temperature is frigid. At that point, the moisture in the relatively warm fog rapidly freezes, causing what we see in these pictures. Pretty wild, right?



This kind of meteorological reaction might remind you of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where polar “superstorms” cause flash freezing. Obviously, freezing fog isn’t as dramatic—but it’s a similar idea! Just see how it can be so treacherous…

Still not convinced? Check out this staggering time lapse video that shows just how quickly this stuff can roll in—and how quick you’d have to move to avoid being turned into an ice cube!

It’s just a casual reminder that nature can sometimes put Hollywood to shame. Here’s hoping this stuff never happens anywhere near where you live!

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