Monday, 16 September 2019

Bangers and Bozos

Bangers and Bozos

An interesting idea is being floated this morning. Apparently Lord McColl has said that he thinks that he has the answer to the obesity epidemic in the USA. And it is – wait for it – haggis. The Scottish delicacy contains animal lungs so has been banned from the USA and it’s many Scottish descendant residents.

Has anyone ever thought that the poor souls might have moved to the USA just to get away from the Scottish Nations National dish? It comprises Sheep's stomach stuffed with diced sheep's liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. Yum! That should do it all right; people will be too nauseated to eat.

Still on the topic of food, trouble for Pakistani politico Imran Khan whose new wife ex weather girl Reham has been attacked for cooking pork sausages on TV and also for wearing revealing outfits, although not necessarily at the same time. The sausages were the produce of Bangers Galore and being sold at an English country fare. However, the Pakistani public are far from amused by Reham’s bangers and want her to keep them out of sight. Reham says that she will ‘weather the storm’ and that people are always jealous of women in the public eye. Not sure that is quite the right way to calm ruffled feathers Reham.

Finally avid dog lovers will be flocking to the police headquarters in Florida where a rug has had to be removed from a sheriff's office after it was noticed that it read "in dog we trust" instead of "in God we trust". Woof woof!

Catch up with you next week. Have a good one!

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