Barbie Look-A-Like Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change; Here’s What She Looks Like Now (Photos)

After realizing she looked pretty dumb, this barbie look-a-like changed her looks drastically.

A British woman who had surgeries to look similar to a Barbie doll is now gracefully maintaining a more natural appearance.

Jade, 20, stated that she was too insecure to step outside without her Barbie appearance, which included exposing outfits, A LOT of makeup, a fake tan, dyed blond hair along with her G-sized implants, the Daily Mail reveals.

Image via Pinterest

“I feel terrible without it all. I won’t go out, not even to the shop,” she previously announced.

She was shocked when she appeared on a British television make-over show and acquired the rating of 1 and 2 out of 10 for her appearance. She then understood that her natural look may have gotten a better rating.

She desired to look like herself again, so a makeup team that is known as 100% Hotter gave her a totally needed make under.

Image via DailyMail

When Jade saw her natural look, she was amazed by the results.

“I look really different, I am shocked,” she announced. “’I feel like an idiot looking at the old picture of me, what was I doing?”

“I hope this shows her how beautiful she can look she doesn’t need all that rubbish fake tan and fake hair,” her mother, Kelly, said.

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