Thursday, 19 September 2019

Beckhams’ plans to install air-con in London mansion have infuriated the neighbours

Beckhams’ plans to install air-con in London mansion have infuriated the neighbours

Catchup News was intrigues to hear reports today that former England captain David Beckham has angered his neighbour over plans to install air conditioning in his west London home. Sorry, mansion. Beckham and wife Victoria spent £31.5million in autumn 2013 buying the detached Holland Park home and have spent the last 18 months renovating and modernising the building.

However, the Beckhams have received a strongly worded letter from a neighbour who "totally disagrees" with their plans to install air-conditioning in five rooms. Sounds like someone needs to kick back and watch the footie or something. Relax a little. The neighbour wrote: "The council must identify our deep concerns about all adverse impacts on living conditions from noise, vibration, dirt, pollution and dust from construction and from associated traffic, in addition to concerns about impacts on drainage, on appearance and landscape, on structural stability, and on historic buildings.” That’s a lot of concerns packed into very little time. But we know what they’re up to. This guise of ‘impassioned resident’ doesn’t fool us. Because do you know what happens when people are too hot in their homes? They walk around in their underwear. Touche, nosy neighbour. You’ve got a plan and you’re giving it a go and we can’t fault you for that. More from Catchup News next.

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