Monday, 16 September 2019

Birmingham Passport Control

Birmingham Passport Control

Fox News has demonstrated their razor sharp grasp of reality by claiming that Birmingham is a Muslim only city where non-Muslims cannot enter. This on the day that the first fuel on sale at under £1 a litre is advertised in that city. We’ll all be there for that, no matter what religion we are! In reply, one wag, Gareth Davies, wrote “Croydon is a Catholic only city where any non-Catholics are beaten by squads of nuns with rulers.”

American terrorism commentator Steven Emerson who made the comment on Fox News said, “I have clearly made a terrible error for which I am deeply sorry. My comments about Birmingham were totally in error." You can say that again, I bet he’s never even been there. He said he would be issuing an apology on his website for "this comment about the beautiful city of Birmingham". The beautiful city of Birmingham? Now I’m convinced he has never been there! But Mr Emerson did not stop there. Demonstrating that there really was no limit to his cluelessness he claimed that bands of religious police were roaming parts of London beating people who did not dress appropriately. No that would be the fashion police - and they have their work cut out.

Today the perennial question, “Is our metabolism to blame for us being overweight?” raises its chubby head again. The answer? As far as I am concerned -yes! Well let’s face it; something has to be to blame other than my being a greedy pig. So I’m off to eat a box of Chocs then get my passport and go to Birmingham to fill up with petrol, before I take my chances in my new outfit on the Kings Road. Catch up with you tomorrow!

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