Monday, 16 September 2019

Bloopers that actually cost the filmmakers a ton of money


According to writer and filmmaker Charlie Lyne, the 2012 Bond adventure Skyfall had to deal with some unplanned expenses because star Daniel Craig wore a pair of leather gloves at the wrong moment. 

As Lyne told the story, Craig asked director Sam Mendes if he could wear the gloves in a particular scene; Mendes agreed, and the cast and crew got down to work filming a sequence in which a bad guy gets Bond's gun away from him, only to find he can't fire it because it has a fingerprint scanner—it will only work for Bond. Months later in the editing bay, a production assistant noticed a problem: how would Bond himself have used his fingerprint-activated gun while wearing gloves? After considering the costs of a reshoot, the filmmakers decided it would be cheaper (although still quite expensive) to digitally remove the gloves from Craig's hands for the entire sequence.

Other close Skyfall watchers argue that while Lyne's story is true, he got the scene in question wrong. There's another sequence in the film where Bond uses a naked hand to test his gun's fingerprint scanner in a car, then rides up an elevator, still gloveless. When he spots an assassin, 007 hides his gun and continues the scene wearing gloves. Some careful glove removal just may have gone down here. Adding credence to this theory: According to Slashfilm, an early Skyfall promotional photo of this scene shows Craig wearing gloves. In the movie, the gloves are gone.

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