Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Bras and Knickers and Baby born in Jogging Pants.

Bras and Knickers and Baby born in Jogging Pants.

As many of us will know from our own experience in airports, or A&E come to that, there can come a point during our wait that personal hygiene becomes an issue. When one traveler through Chang Mai airport in northern Thailand found herself in such a dilemma she was photographed drying her undies and bra over a seat in the departure lounge.

The pink bra and black briefs would have been scandalous enough for the fact that they were not matching but bosses at the airport have made it personal and blamed Chinese travelers for the vulgar and rowdy behavior. Chinese tourists have been warned that future offenders will be asked to leave the airport and continue their journey “in some other way," while fashion police have issued their own warning about mismatching underwear.

And it seems the Chinese are getting a bit of a reputation or being the bad boys of travel. Recently, Chinese airline passengers furious at a three-hour delay caused further delays when they opened the emergency doors just as the plane was about to take off and in another incident a Chinese passenger deployed the emergency slide on a plane because he wanted to speed up the disembarking process.

As you do. And in a travel incident closer to home, spare a thought for 32-year-old Vikki who was being driven to hospital by frantic hubby Steven McAteer, to have her baby when she heard a little cry as her daughter was born in to the leg of her jogging bottoms near a roundabout in Plymouth, Devon. Lets just hope they were the ones with the close fit ankle cuffs. Life can get very messy can’t it? Catch up tomorrow!

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