Bray native offers hopeful youths all over Ireland advice on how to secure a place in Trinity College, Dublin.

Bray native offers hopeful youths all over Ireland advice on how to secure a place in Trinity College, Dublin.

A Bray native and Trinity College graduate has recently embarked on a tour of Ireland in which she ventures into secondary schools and offers the students advice on how to secure a place in one of Ireland’s most prestigious colleges. She was met with smiles, claps and often, raucous laughter. The questions were numerous, varied and coated in sarcasm.

When asked about how a student could conquer the lethargy often associated with the University lifestyle, she was quick to respond,

“Oh, they just need to do a sport. Play a sport and keep the head down in college and they are sorted.”

“And a job also?” inquired one of eager second year.

“Oh, they won’t have time for a job, if they are playing a sport,” said the young woman who has once worked three months in a sailing school and thus believed that she had authority to dish out advice on employment. After all, her perspective as an only child was no doubt going to be conclusive.

When it was suggested by a thirteen year old that some college students encounter severe strain over trying to balance University life with a waitressing position, and may not have time to play a sport, she reacted sharply,

“How is that hard?!” she scoffed. She knew what was hard. She had recently experienced severe hardship when she had tried to work out which suitcase to take through customs on the way to her trip to Vietnam, which was completely funded by her father. A holiday she would later complain about having cut short after only two months due to being asked to play a sport in her home country. Life was so unfair sometimes.

“Some people need to do these jobs to pay for their food and rent,” explained a tentative seventeen year old who had worked in a variety of part-time roles from the age of fourteen to pay any social outings he could afford.

“Well then,” she said knowingly and she considered which meal she would devour later that night. She’s funny like that. She just loves eating. Sometimes, she can’t stop. Haha.

“What would you say is the most important personality trait with regard to success?” questioned a confused-looking young woman whose pen had remain poised over his blank notebook for the entire session until this point.

“Easy,” she said excitedly,” Self-belief and determination. Never limit yourself. You can be who you want, go where you want, do what you want.”

The young woman put her notebook back in her bag and after the tour ended, the Bray woman rushed from the classroom to double-check that her father had transferred his weekly deposit into her account before continuing on her journey of enlightenment.


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